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Tips to Surprise Mom

Mother's Day is here again and that means the time has come once more to arrange for the perfect treats and gifts for mom, right? TheHolidaySpot urges you to be a little adventurous and give your mom some pleasant surprises during the occasion. Check out our tips to surprise mom and let her have a nice shock. If you like these "Tips to Surprise Mom", click here and share it with your friends and dear ones. Wish you a happy Mother's Day!

Take a look at these useful tips and implement the ones you like in your Mother's Day celebrations.

ways to surprise your mother

Tips for little kids:

Clean up your room early in the morning before mom gets the time to do the same. It will save her energy for at least one chore.

Draw a picture of her. Even if you are not an expert in canvas and oil colors, simple water colors or even crayons and paper would do wonders. The simplest thing is to trace one of your mom's photographs on a white sheet, color it accordingly, hang it on the wall and show it to her. Try to make your drawing as close to her as possible, and she will be pleasantly surprised.

Give her a rejuvenating massage. Gently rub the knots in her shoulders and back, preferably with the application of a soothing balm. It will reduce her stress as well as alleviate any back pains she might have.

Tips for Teenagers:

Make a trip to the grocery shop to buy all the items of daily need for her. It will mean one journey less for her and some happiness on the part of both of you.

If you are adept in playing some musical instrument, say a mouthorgan or a guitar or violin, you can play her favourite songs yourself and give her a nice surprise. If you have good singing talent and your vocal capabilities are fairly tolerable, record the songs she likes in your own voice, make a CD and gift it to her to listen to. You can also write a song dedicated to her and add it to the record for further effect.

Cook up something nice for her, preferably one of her favorite dishes. Bake a cake, prepare a smoothie, cook a brunch recipe or make at least one item for dinner and give her a treat on Mother's Day.

Tips for elders:

Wash her car. Scrub the exterior and vacuum the interior. If it needs any special attention, fix all problems with a mechanic. Fill the tank with oil and pay out of your own pocket. Wax the outside to make it shine. Your old dame will love it for sure.

Decorate the house as beautifully as you can the night before the big day. Sneak in flowers, balloons and streamers in her absence from home and after she goes to sleep, dress up each room splendidly. Do not forget to keep a vase filled with fresh flowers and a big bouquet of her favorite blossoms on the dining room table. She will surely be surprised after she leaves her bed in the morning.

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