Mother's Day Quiz | Mother's Day Questions and Answers 2022
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Quiz on Mother's Day

Mother's Day Quiz

How much do you know about Mother's Day? We have some lovely Mother's Day quizzes here. Test your knowledge with these 26 Mother's Day quiz questions and answers.

Free Online Mother's Day Quiz

All Ramayana Quiz Questions:

  1. What is the most popular flower for gifting on Mother's Day, in Thailand?
  2. What does the French call Mother's Day?
  3. What is the total number of countries in the world that celebrate Mother's Day?
  4. Mother's Day celebrations came into practice in the 1970s.
  5. Mother's Day is celebrated for the following character in the Roman Catholic church:
  6. In USA, the busiest time for restaurants in on Mother's Day.
  7. The most common flower, that is associated with Mother's Day, is:
  8. What is the approximate number of greeting cards sent on Mother's Day in the United Kingdom?
  9. The first country to proclaim a day as Mother's Day, was:
  10. Mother's Day celebration is held in the United Kingdom on:
  11. The year on which Mother's Day became an official holiday in the United States of America:
  12. The Ancient greeks had a culture to create festivals to celebrate their mmothers.
  13. The following doesn't qualify for a traditional Mother's Day gift:
  14. This country awarded medals to mothers of large families, in celebration of their motherwood, and helping the nation:
  15. Do you know the number of phone calls made in the United States of America, on Mother's Day (approximately)?
  16. This, by far, is the most popular gift on Mother's Day:
  17. Liza Minelli's mother was famous too, and she was:
  18. Prince Charles' mother is royalty as well, and she is:
  19. A famous actress is the mother of Kate Hudson. And she is:
  20. Lourdes is the daughter of a famous pop star. Her name is:
  21. This almond cake is traditionally made on Mothering Sunday:
  22. There is a Spice Girl who has two lovely kids named Beau and Tate. She is:
  23. What spirit has the nickname 'mother's ruin'?
  24. Marge Simpson has three kids, two of them are Bart and Lisa. Who is the third one?
  25. The actor who beautifully potrayed the character of Kevin's mum in the movie Home Alone:
  26. 'Does Your Mother Know?' was a famous hit song in 1979. Which music group created it?
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