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Mother as a Blessing

"God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers."
- Jewish proverb

Mother. The blessing of God in a human form. Having a mother is probably God's greatest boon in our lives. It's her love that make us strong, her care that prepare us to face the world, her hands that help us overcome all the trying times of life. Yet, what do we give back to her? It's Mother's Day again. Let us take you through a brief trip down your memory lane. Go over our fabulous presentation on Mother, the divine blessing that makes what we are. Recall the pains she bore for you, the sacrifices she made in bringing you up. And give her back the same love that she showered on you. If you like our presentation, please click here and refer this page to all your friends so that they realize the value of their mothers and treat them with love, respect and care while they are still there by them. Share the spirit of Mother's Day with all. Wish you a Happy Mother's Day from TheHolidaySpot!

Mother as a Blessing

She was there by your side
When you for the first time cried
Since that day you became her pride
She kissed on your eyes wide.
With joy she beamed
When you stood up and gleamed
She heard you say “mother”
It was a joy to her like none other.
You turned a year old
And your first birthday she did hold
For you she took pains to bake
And ever since you got the cake.
She helped you get used to a new rule,
When you began to go to school,
She prepared you for school fast,
You never asked whether she had her breakfast.
Whenever you fell sick,
She felt in her a prick,
She took you to the doctor
And you got better
You never asked it
Whether or not she was fit.
She cooked your favorite breakfast,
The day you went to the office first,
You got your paycheck and became independent
With your friends happy times you spent
It’s for their smiles and praises that you cared
A thought for her you never spared.
She is now old and lonely,
And still thinking of you only,
Your company is what she bids,
Your loving touch is what she needs,
She gave to you all that she had,
Can you make her a little glad?
Not all have the blessing called mother
Like she is, there is none other
So give here your time, all else can wait
Show her your love before it’s too late.
For a day will come when she will be far
Yet she’ll be with you, whenever you are.

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