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Queen of Feast, an exclusive dinner presentation idea for Mother's Day from TheHolidaySpot

It's Mother's Day again. And this Mother's Day, you can treat your mummy dear like a queen and treat her with a royal buffet prepared by your own hands. Celebrate this Mother's Day with a grand family feast which has your mother as the queen of honor! It's exquisite! Make sure the Queen gets a special treat. And making it happen is neither expensive, nor does it involve a great deal of effort. All you need is proper planning, and a good taste, with a creative bent of mind, and a heart to do it. So go over our awesome "Queen of Feast" article and put it to good use this Mother's Day. If you like it, you can click here to refer it to anybody you want. Have a great time!

Queen of Feast, an exclusive dinner presentation idea for Mother's Day

Guide Lines To The Queen Of feast !

Remember, the laying of the table plays an important role as is played by the food to be served. Choose the linen in a way that the shade and the design add to the glamour of the occasion.

mothers day cards

Set a standing place card to mark where the queen will sit.Reading something like "Mother love, Queen of feast".
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Lay out the napkin with in an artistic pattern. Like this elegant looking fan.

Place the flatware wrapped with a separate napkin and tie them up in a bow.

Add a pleasing glow to the whole environment with a bowl of floating candles. Float some rose buds for extra effect.

But how a table laying is complete without a touch of flowers? Specially for a Day which is traditionally observed with flowers.

Time to bring a piece of the night sky into your home! Make this wonderful stars and moon collection and hang it in places around the dinner table. They will add that special effect.
Click here to get the instructions on how to make this wonderful craft.

Time to treat her with the best of gourmet that look as visually appealing as they taste! Choose a selection of well balanced starters, salads, main couse and desserts. You will get all the recipes here.

Make her the queen of the dinner. Greet her on the table with a kiss. And also with a colorful garland, and, even, with a locket of love.

Finally have a camera ready
to keep all those special moments in a freeze.

happy mother's day


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