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Mother's Day Prayers

Mother's Day. That heartwarming occasion when you stop to thank your mother, acknowledge the sacrifices she has made for you and say to her what she means to you. Every loving son or daughter offers prayers to his or her mom on this day. It is also the time to thank God for his wonderful present, the boon that has made you what you are. And what better way to thank the Lord than through your prayers? Mother's Day Prayers are offered to God to thank him for creating moms, to seek blessings from the divine for your dear mom. They are also offered to pay a tribute to mothers for their selfless love, care and sacrifice. So, all you kids and other grown up sons and daughters there, offer Mother's Day Prayers to God and thank Him. Sing a praise to your mother by offering her a prayer. Here we have brought for you some splendid Mother's Day prayers divided into two sections. Use the "Prayers to God" to thank the Lord. Use the "Prayers to mother" to thank your mom. You can use it while sending a card to her. Go through our wonderful Mother's Day prayers. If you like them, click here to refer this page to whoever you want. Enjoy a happy Mother's Day!

Prayers to God

She's the gentleness of the night,
She's the warmth of days bright,
For me she's the oasis in the sand,
In the vast sea of life she's the one stretch of land.

When the world seems to conspire,
And respite seems to be nowhere,
When I don't know what to do,
She's the one I can turn to,
I say nothing to her,
Yet my mother,
Has a way to know,
The reason of my grief, the cause of my sorrow.

When the world seems to laugh,
When nothing in life seems rough,
I know with all my joys I can share,
I know all will lend me a ear,
Yet none but she'll really care,
None but she'll really hear,
About the little joys that have come my way,
Or the big things that fortune has in my path lay.

Whatever life throws at me,
Whether I grieve or dance with glee,
She is the one who'll be truly sad,
She is the one who'll be truly glad.

Even if harm comes to me,
I know for sure,
In its way will stand she,
And all pains endure.

She'll suffer all for my sake,
All miseries she'll smilingly take,
She'll not hesitate to lay her life for me,
Because she's my mother, my dear mummy.

O Lord mine, Lord above,
O Lord whom I love,
My words fail, I don't know how ,
Be it later or be it now,
I can thank you ever
For what you have given me,
For what I can never thank enough thee,
It's the greatest gift of all - mother.

O Lord, lift your hand and bless,
Grant my mother all the happiness,
I know I can never give back to her,
What for me did my mother,
All I want is to keep her happy,
To make her world a better place,
If that's what you'll let me have,
I will never want anything else!


O God, they say you created mother,
For you couldn't be everywhere.
Is that so?
I don't know.
You are said to know everything
And she knows not, there's no such thing.

I never say it to her
I'm afraid of the dark
But I guess she knows it
For she is my mother.

I never say it to her
I love the way she hugs me
But I guess she knows it
For she is my mother.

I never say it to her
What a relief I get
When the world seems bent
To crush the life out of me
And me in her arms takes she.
But I guess she knows it
For she is my mother.

I never say it to her
How happy I feel
When I do something of her will
And the way she smiles then.
But I guess she knows it
For she is my mother.

I never say it to her
How sad I get
When she gets gloomy
Due to some reason or other
But I guess she knows it
For she is my mother.

I have tried to say it to her
What she means to me
But I couldn't find words fit
To say it.
She smiled and gave me a kiss
She said I need not say it to her
She knows it
For she is my mother.

O God, they say you created mother,
For you couldn't be everywhere.
Is that so?
I now know.
Wherever there's a mother,
O Holy Father
There reside you. There you are.

Most Gracious Heavenly Father,

it is said that you created mothers because you couldn't be everywhere. Is that so? Mortal intelligence is hardly capable of comprehending divine schemes. What we can do is thank You for our mothers to whom You have entrusted the care of every precious human life from its very beginning in the womb.

As you have impregnated the world and gave birth to a million creations of yourself, you have given to woman the capacity of bringing to the earth a soul with infinite potential. You have given her the chance of participating with You in the creation of new life. Grant that every woman may have this chance, grant that they come to understand the full meaning of that blessing, which gives her an unlimited capacity for selfless love for every child she may be privileged to bear, and for all Your children.

Watch over every mother who is with child, strengthen her faith in Your fatherly care and love for her and for her unborn baby. Give her courage in times of fear or pain, understanding in times of uncertainty and doubt, and hope in times of trouble. Grant her joy in the birth of her child. Grant her the ability to look after her child well.

To mothers You have given the great privilege and responsibility of being a child's first teacher and spiritual guide. Grant that all mothers may worthily foster the faith of their children, following the example of Mary, Elizabeth, and other holy women who follow Christ. Help mothers to grow daily in knowledge and understanding of Your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and grant them the wisdom to impart this knowledge faithfully to their children, and to all who depend upon them. Help all mothers to impart a knowledge, that brings about a wholesome development in their children. A knowledge that makes them respect the rights of others. A knowledge that makes them offer a helping hand to those in distress. A knowledge that helps them to make a difference in this world. A knowledge that leads them to the path of their salvation.

Provide comfort to all childless women, those who, though they may have no children of their own, nevertheless selflessly care for the children of others -- of every age and state in life. Grant that they may know the joy of fulfilling this motherly calling of women, whether in teaching, nursing, religious life, or in any other work which recognizes and fosters the true dignity of every human being created in Your image and likeness.

We beseech You to send Your Holy Spirit, to all mothers who sorrow for children that have died, are ill or estranged from their families, or who are in trouble or danger of any kind. Help grieving mothers to rely on Your tender mercy and fatherly love for all your children. Be a comforter to such women and lead them to the path of happiness.

Motherhood is a great gift. We ask your blessing on all those to whom You have entrusted motherhood. May Your Holy Spirit constantly inspire and strengthen them. May they ever follow the example of Mary, mother of Our Lord, and imitate her fidelity, her humility, and her self-giving love. May all mothers receive Your Grace abundantly in this earthly life, and may they look forward to eternal joy in Your presence in the life to come.

We ask this through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, in your own dear world that is everlasting and ever-joyful.


Prayers to mother

I love you Mom. I adore you.
I love the way
You love me, care for me.

Since I was born
You have never cared for yourself
I am the one
Who have occupied all your thoughts
Day and night.
I know that mom.

You have been taking much pains
to bring me up in a proper way
Since I was born.
You've given me the best gift in the world
An unconditional love.

In your love, in your care
In your gentle understanding
I see the kindness and love of God.
When I hug you
It seems there is no such thing
That I want from life.
Your love is enough for me.

Have I ever thanked you?
Have I ever acknowledged your sacrifice?
I know you expect nothing from me.
I know I can't do what you did for me
And what you are still doing for me.

In return of all your sacrifices,
In return of all your love and care,
I can present you with but one gift.

My honest, unconditional love.

May our bond be ever so strong
May the Lord bless you with a life long
May your life be filled with happiness
May you the Lord ever bless!

Thank you Mother.


You are the embodiment of love,
You are like a boon from above,
Like you there's no other,
You're the only one, you're my mother.

Thank you Mother.

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