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Mother's Day Poems And Poetry Contd. (IV)

Mother Time
They say, "Time will heal all."
Well, I'm not sure that's true
For each year on Mother's Day
There's still nothing, I can do.

I can't go and visit Mom
I can't, give her a call
I can't send a card or flowers
There's just the memories, that's all.

The times that I remember
Aren't, a certain Mother's Day
It's all those many, special times
We shared, along the way.

Some memories are funny
And some of them are sad
There were times, of learning
When, I was that young lad.

Now, that I've grown older
And now that Mom is gone
I think of all I wish I'd said
Before, she had passed on.

by Del "Abe" Jones

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(In Memory of Margaret Rader Johnson)

Just a few days ago
A friend lost her Mother
And as we all know
There will never be another.

She's one of the few things in life
That can never be replaced
She's led us down those life's paths
That can never be retraced.

Too many take their Moms for granted
And think they'll always be around
They don't know how She'll be missed
When, one day She's Heaven-bound.

Why we celebrate this special day
Only this one time a year?
When everyday our Mom is special
And we should tell Her, make that clear.

So, if you are a lucky one
Whose Mom is still with you
Tell her everyday you love her
For, that's the least that you can do.

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