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Special Mother's Day Greetings for your Mom

Mother's Day Greetings

My dear lovely mother, Wish You A Very Happy
mothers day

On the eve of Mother's day, I cannot help but think of your toil so that we could do well in life

sending school

Those daily sending to school, taking care of studies, books
sending school

and food, our daily routine...
Without mothers, we, childrengirlwould have all been doomed
mother love
You have also been my greatest friend, listening to my worries, seeing me thru my troubles and you never even expected a thanks from me, just that I am alright. You are so o o o good mom! Its true, that since God couldn't be everywhere, He made mothers.....
mom cradling
You cradled me in the comfort of your arms, secured from all. I enjoyed your cozy comfort, wrapped around me. I cooed happily with you sparkling in the twinkle of your eyes...
mother feeding her child

Being cared and look after, growing in your care. And enjoying the little nothings of life.
Soaring equal to life's challengesjumpingAnd learning its tricks!
going to school
Those days to school, and then, much more...

I take this opportunity to Thank you for your immeasurable contribution to my life. Thank you MOM! And wish you a And wish you a Very Happy

mothers day
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