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Locket of love

It's so simple to look yet adds such a touch to elegance that your mom feels great.

Choose ribbons in pattern variations on your chosen color scheme.
Alternatively, use patterned and plain fabric, carefully cut into ribbon strips.

All you need:

plastic covered garden wire:
of 50-60 cm(20-24 inches) thick,
piece of florists' wire,
ribbon of two shades & varieties:
of about 7.5 m long & about 2.5 cm(1 inch) wide
and also
of length 0.5 meter & width of 5 cm/2 inches.


Step 1 Twist the thick wire into a heart shape and bind the two ends together securely in the center with florist's wire. Cut the narrower ribbon into approximately 15 cm/6 inches in length.

Step 2 Double a length of ribbon and knot it over the wire. Repeat with more ribbon knots until the wire is completely covered.

Step 3 Fold a 20 cm/8 inches in length of wider ribbon to make a bow loop and hold it together with a couple of stitches.

Step 4 Loop the rest of the wider ribbon around the middle of the bow loop and shape into a pair of tails. Secure with a stitch or two.

Step 5 Attach the bow at the center of the heart to cover the florist's wire. Trim the ends of the ribbon into swallowtail shapes.

Bend the wire into a hook shape from where the swallowtail hangs. Now fit it with a colored thread or string before placing it over your mom's neck.

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