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Folded paper garlands

These simple two-colored garlands look like a compact pile of square folds but open out into soft twists of color.

All you need:

Crepe paper (in two colors)

step 1
Cut strips of crepe paper about 7.8 cm/3inches wide in two different colors.

step 2
Hold the ends of the two strips at right angles and staple together.

step 3 Fold the lower (here yellow) strip squarely over the upper (pink here) strip. Keep the fold steady with the fingers of your spare hand.

step 4 Now fold the lower (pink) strip over the upper (yellow) strip. Continue folding each strip of paper over the other in turn, making a neat square stack of folds.

step 5 When all the paper is used, staple the two colors together in the last fold.

step 6
When ready to hang the garland, lift one end and the folds will open out.

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