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As the second week of May comes closer, it is time for you to gear up for Mother's Day and pay a really special tribute to your mom. Create something truly special for your dear lady using these wonderful craftmaking tips from TheHolidaySpot. If you find these Mother's Day Craft Ideas useful, click here and refer this page to your friends and dear ones. Celebrate Mother's Day with TheHolidaySpot!
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Mother's Day Gifts

Ribbon Flower

Materials needed:

1) A strip of ribbon (about 1½" wide).
2) Florist's wire.
3) Green Chenille Stems.
4) Magnet.
5) A button/pompom/fun foam shape.


1) Poke a hole on one side of the ribbon using the florist's wire.
2) Weave the wire in and out down one side of the ribbon forming the ribbon into a bunch as you proceed.
3) Cut any excess ribbon that you find large enough to form a flower. Bring the two ends of the ribbon together.
4) Wrap the ends of the wire around each other. Trim any excess.
5) Fix a button/pompom/fun foam shape to the middle of the flower using glue.
6) Twist one green Chenille Stem to form a stem and leaves. Attach the stem to the flower back with glue.
7) Glue the magnet to the back of the flower.

Pipe Cleaner Flower

Materials needed:

1) Pipe cleaners - 2.
2) Chenille stems - 2, one green (to make the stem) and one red.
3) Glue.
4) A pin back.


1) Twist one end of the pipe cleaner about 3 inches from the bottom and form into a loop.
2) Form another loop of about the same size. Curl this around the stem at the same place as the first one.
3) Wind the end of the second pipe cleaner around the upper area of the flower stem.
4) Starting at the end attached to the stem, form the second pipe cleaner into a 1½" wide circular shape.
5) Bring up the free end of the pipe cleaner behind the first loop and create a second loop.
6) Make one more loop in a similar manner.
7) Turn the end in towards the center of the flower and finish the process.
8) Using glue, fix the pin back onto the green stem of the flower.

Pen Holder cum Flower vase

Materials needed:

1) A small clay flowerpot (unglazed).
2) Plaster of paris.
3) A large plastic bowl.
4) An wooden stick (to stir and mix the plaster).
5) A ballpoint pen with a top.
6) Green paint.
7) A paintbrush.
8) Green florist tape.
9) Tissue paper.
10) Disposable rubber gloves.
11) A hot glue gun.
12) A disposable plastic container.
13) A tissue paper flower.


1) Pour some Plaster of Paris into the disposable plastic container.
2) Add some water and mix the plaster with it using the stick until you have a viscous solution.
3) Pour the plaster into the flowerpot. Quickly thrust one or more pen tops into the plaster before it hardens.
4) Paint the plaster green when it has hardened.
5) Wrap the pen with green florists' tape.
6) Glue the tissue paper flower to the end of the pen. This will make the pen act as the stem of the flower.
7) Place the flower-like pen in the flowerpot.
8) You now have a pen-holder cum flower vase. Gift it to your mom and make her smile.

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