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Painted Flower Pot | Popsicle Stick Picture Frame | Hand Print Hand Towel | Colorful Bookmark

Painted Flower Pot

Target age group: Three-year-olds and up

What you'll need:
Plain, terra cotta flowerpot with saucer
Colorful paint or paint pens
Potting soil

How to make it:
Paint the flowerpot any way you'd like. Paint pens (available at most craft stores) also work well and are less messy. (Be sure not to use tempera paint as it will wash away when you water the plant.) Let dry.
Fill with soil and a pretty plant!

Popsicle Stick Picture Frame

Target age group: Three-year-olds and up

What you'll need:
Photo of child, mom, family, etc.
Plain Popsicle sticks
Construction paper or cardboard
Yarn or ribbon

How to make it:
Stack and dovetail several Popsicle sticks together with glue to create a solid square or rectangular frame To make the back of your frame, cut out a piece of construction paper or cardboard to fit the frame. Glue it to the back of the frame. You may want to write a Mother's Day message on the backing before you glue it onto the frame.

Decorate with paint, glitter, sequins, etc. Let dry.
Glue or tape a photo inside the frame on top of the paper or cardboard backing. (An adult may have to trim the photo to fit the frame.) Optional: Tie a loop of yarn at the top if you'd like to hang your frame.

Hand Print Hand Towel

Materials Needed:
Hand towels
Fabric paint
Disposable plate

1. Put the fabric paint in a disposable plate and smear the paint around.
2. Depending on how many children's handprints you want to get onto one towel, fold the towel like you would to hang it up or in half so that you have plenty of room to put the handprints and still be able to see them once you hang the hand towel up on the towel rod.
3. Take your childs hand and smear it and press it down into the paint.
4. Place child's hand over the hand towel and press hard making sure to press the palm area down and each finger individually.
5. Lift hand straight up making sure not to smear the paint around.
6. If you need to, you can touch up the handprint using the tip of the paint bottle to fill in empty spaces or spaces that are faint.
7. I wrote each of my children's names next to the handprint and dated the top of the towel.

It takes 24hrs. for the paint to dry completely and then the towel can be washed 72 hours later.

Colorful Bookmark

Motifs cut from Wallpaper,cards, old magzines.
White or colored sheets
Hole puncher
Glue or gum
Pair of scissors
Color pen

Cut two strips from the colored sheets of any length.
Paste the strips of together. When they dry, trim to approximately 1 1/2 inches wide by 6 inches long or as desired. Trim the end to a point or slant.
stick the motifs on both the sides. Let it dry.
When completely dried write a verse or a poem on one side with a color pen.
Punch a hole 1/2" from the top and thread with a ribbon.
Present her with this lovely bookmark and see her smile on the special day.

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