20 Things You Do To Me

Valentine’s Day is especially dedicated to the lovebirds around. It’s the day lovers profess and shower their love on their beloved and make the other feel how special he or she is. Here’s a chance to enchant your beloved to a higher level by wooing him or her with some flirtatious comments and gestures. Tell your beloved how important he or she is but in a different style. Check out yourself how you can be unique from the rest.
  • 1. YOUR FACE… always stays before my eyes  
  • 2. YOUR SMILE… takes away all my stress  
  • 3. YOUR VOICE… delights me and cheers me up  
  • 4. YOUR FEELINGS…keep me connected to you
  • 5. YOUR CHARM… attracts me like nothing else  
  • 6. YOUR HONESTY… makes me feel secure  
  • 7. YOUR MIND… reads me the best  
  • 8. YOUR MAGIC… surprises me all the time
  • 9. YOUR FANTASY… gets me naughty  
  • 10. YOUR SEX APPEAL… sure turns me on  
  • 11. YOUR PERSONALITY… keeps me hooked  
  • 12. YOUR PRESENCE… lifts me up
  • 13. YOUR MOODS… excite me like a child  
  • 14. YOUR TOUCH… makes me come alive  
  • 15. YOUR COMPLIMENTS… gives me a high  
  • 16. YOUR ATTENTION… I want more & more