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Valentine's Day Graphic Story

It's a short, visual story about places where people could propose and make their love memorable around the UK and Ireland. It's educational and romantic novel, with history of the origins of Valentine's Day and the places visited... and even a mythological Greek God.

Graphic Novel for Valentine's Day

A Valentine's Day Graphic Story
John prays to cupid to do something special for a romantic proposal to her sweetheart
Later that night
The entrance of Anteros with some romantic ideas for Valentine's Day
Anteros and John ready to start for visiting five places
Towords of Britain and Ireland
John and Anteros land by the river Cherwell by sunrise
Arrival in Runswick Bay, Hinderwell
John and Anteros at Lifeboat Station - a romantic place for Valentine
John and Anteros at Edinburgh
John and Anteros towards Emerald Isle
Anteros brings John to Iveagh Gardens of beautiful flowers
John and Anteros at the waterfall
John and Anteros at the Bute Park
Anteros giving information of few romantic sculptures for Valentine's Day
Anteros leaving John after giving Valentine  and love wishes
John and his wife in a romantic mood at Valentine's Day
Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day with lots of Love

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