We all get a bit confused when choosing a perfumes for ourselves, and have to rely on suggestions by friends and sales persons. Now, get a basic idea which will help you to choose a perfume, in synchronization with your persona. A complete guide on chooseing perfumes, scents or fragrances for yourself and your love.

The first ever anniversary is generally considered paper, and most people just write a letter, offer a card or send a poem to their loved one. How about juicing things up and delivering something delicious entirely wrapped in paper?

Like fragrance! Fragrance has long been used as an aphrodisiac and attractant, so why not give your loved one a scent that sends some sparks flying on your first anniversary and turns you both on?

The hardest part of this first anniversary fragrance idea is finding something you both like. This means generally knowing your mate well, their likes, dislikes, knowing what works well with their body chemistry. The following is a general guide to fragrances along with the 10 hottest trends this year for men and women:

Fragrance Top Notes

These are what first hits your nose, is the fragrance spicy, flowery, fruity, fresh, musky, or sweet. Common top notes include green, citrus, apple, pear, vanilla, berry, white or other heavy musk, or other high concentrated scents. This simply means the fragrance balance favors more of these scents than others.

Fragrance Mid-Notes

Mid notes in fragrances generally include muskier, deeper, or darker fruit or flower fragrance elements such as headier scented flowers, wild scents, and secondary scent notes. This generally means you notice them a bit after the initial scent palate.

Fragrance Base or Dry Notes

These dry notes round out the scent palate. They can only be described as the after scent, the part that lingers in the nose and mouth. Common scents that are dry notes include woodsy, wood, amber, patchouli, and earthy notes acting as a backdrop and foundation to a scent.

Choosing a Scent

So, you need to decide first, what turns you on? Do you like flower, fruity, sweet, or musky scents? Then find out what your mate prefers by taking stock of scented things they buy themselves like hair and body care products, soaps, body washes, even hand soaps. You might even take a sample of their favorite perfume before heading to the store to find something along a similar top note, mid note, or base note. If you can, find a way to discover scents they hate, this may take some sleuthing, but will be well worth it since if she is allergic to say patchouli or rosewood (or the scent doesn’t work with her chemistry) she generally won’t like it.


  1. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino - This triple combination of bergamot, neroli, and lemon provides a refreshing vibrant uplifting scent and the hint of amber base notes provide a sexy element while the hint of sea salt provides a back note that reminds you of crisp clean air.

  2. DKNY Be Delicious Rio - Lush gardenia, sweet passion fruit, and crisp apple completes the palette of this perfume, giving it a sweet, juicy, and seductive vibe that’s great for those who love heavy flower, but not flowery scents and enjoy deep fruit scents, but not sugary sweet scents.

  3. Dior Escale À Parati - The mint overtones in this delicate fragrance are uplifting and delicate while the citrusy notes provide a refreshing and energizing mid note. It finishes off with herbal notes that give it a relaxing finish, perfect for the busy woman or businesswoman alike.

  4. Warm - This beachy scent reminds you of soft musk, patchouli, and lemon. It’s the best beach in a bottle that we can find and its tiny roll on size reminds us of patchouli roll-ons of the 70’s, but with a classy, modern feel. Completely cozy and warm.

  5. Miss Dior - This classic scent of the 40’s is perhaps one of the most popular anniversary gifts and is well liked by almost every woman. It’s got a delicate floral scent with jasmine, roses, iris, lily, narcissus; its mid and base notes include patchouli, neroli, ladanum, oakmoss, sandalwood and leather. It definitely hints at sensuousness with maturity and grace, which makes it such a classic.

  6. Forever by Alfred Sung - This lush scent wraps you in green florals, musks, woody notes, and comes off as very green and deep rather than floral. It's powerful and a little goes a long way, lasting up to 24 hours after application. It’s one that may make both of you feel lust in the air, which is exactly what a really good perfume does, plus it’s also fairly feminine and sensuous to wear.

  7. Shiseido Classic Zen - This exotic scent conveys mystery with its sensual exotic jasmine, roses, mosses, and woods. The oriental inspiration is gently spicy yet modern and feminine. It definitely appeals to a variety of palettes.

  8. Gucci by Gucci for Women - This is a classic fragrance that most women will love as an anniversary gift. The chamomile, taire flower, spider lily, and orange blossom give it a uniquely warm and innocent scent. While the guava, raspberry, pear, honey, patchouli, and musk finish up the mid and base notes. It’s great for work and dates as it starts off with a gentle, subtle floral and finishes a soft musk, giving you a mind blowing scent that last all day.

  9. Lolita Lempicka - This unusual scent is not for everybody, its licorice and anise notes make it unbearably sweet when just sprayed, but if you give it time to blend out, it combines luxurious, wood, and velvety undertones along with spicy notes. Definitely a spray or two and you are good to go. It’s a catchy and attractive scent that’s warms and inviting, after the first unsubtly sweet whiff.

  10. Into the Wild by Bath and Body Works

While it is less expensive than others on this list, this seductive and sensuous fragrance seems to be a turn on for men and women. It’s inspired by a sensuous escape into the jungle, but unlike other perfumes, the fragrance is so delicately balanced it isn’t florally, citrusy, or musky, but a gentle uplifting, breezy, warm and sexy scent -- delicately balanced. The exotic mandarin, juice apple, berries, and fruit scents are not overly sweet. While the magnolia, jasmine, and honeysuckle give it an exotic floral musk. It finishes off with patchouli, woods, tonka, moss, and musk. However, none of these is overpowering or over shadowing the other. Instead, it’s sensuous sex in a bottle.

If you are still unsure what to get your sweetheart on your first anniversary for a fragrance, try getting a sample collection together of roll-ons, body mists and lotions in trial sizes. Many companies provide smaller sample sizes for far less than the entire bottle. Then make a nice presentation, keeping in mind the paper theme, try getting them wrapped in paper gift basket or other inspirational gift ideas. Keep in mind what she wears and what appeals to you, of course, but a first anniversary fragrance gift, if chosen right, can be a way to tell a woman how fabulous she is to you.

By Kinjal Sen