A Bouqet of Valentine's Day Wishes

Come the month of February and the world seems to be engaged in a conspiracy of love. The reason is none other than Valentine's Day, the season celebrating love in its true essence. Send a special greeting to your loved ones on this Valentine's Day and convey some really interesting wishes to them. However, these amusing wishes are best to be enjoyed by those who are unmarried and possess a good sense of humour.

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I guess you know how special you are to me. No gift is really great enough for you and so, I spent a lot of hours to arrange the perfect bouqet of all my best wishes for you on Valentine's Day. I hope you will not have any objection in accepting it.

My Wish for You on this

• May love catch you by the throat and force your lips to break into a smile.

• May the files of logic be corrupted in your brain by a bug called LOVE.

• May you unleash a storm of affection on your loved ones.

• May chocolates, candies and lovely treats bombard your family members, friends and dear ones.

• May romantic gifts lose their destination and find a way to your shack.

• May you be the first victim, if charms indeed can kill.

• May you drown into the ocean of two beautiful eyes with none to save you.

• May cupid arrest you and lock your finger with an engagement ring.

• May you run like hell, but trip at the altar and watch your poor single status die a happy death.

• To say in simple terms .............