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Valentine's Day Poems and Poetries

Woo your beloved on this Valentine's Day by dedicating him/her some beautiful romantic poems and poetries. Check out wide collection of beautiful romantic poems which TheHolidaySpot provides you and share it with your beloved.

Valentines Day Poems

Welcome to the place for romantic and love poems and poetry. It the place where you can romance on the spirit of love, enjoy the poems, and even send them with a valentine's day greeting card to your sweetheart. For your convenience, the poems are divided into different pages. There is also a page for works of famous poets. And remember, if you have a piece of verse to share with the golbal community, feel free to send it for free publication at So scroll down, and enjoy!

Here for Me

By Sarah Spoors

You’re there for me when skies are grey,
You turn them to skies of blue,
You walk with me and hold my hand,
And that’s why I love you.
You know when I need some time alone,
And give me room to breathe,
You let me be who I am,
And you are true to me.
I couldn’t ask for a better man,
You’re all I will ever need.
So thank you once, twice and thrice,
For being here for me.

Romantic Love poem for Valentine's Day

More Than A Lover

By Mazezty C. Navarro

My Love for You is more than just an emotion,
I'll do my best to keep You protected;
I want to be Your Angel sent from Heaven,
the best friend You can come to when You want to talk;
Someone You can tell Your secrets to,
I'll be there for you through everything,
the Good and Bad, the Thick and Thin;
I want to ensure that You'll never be hurt again,
I'll wrap your Heart with a napkin and place it in my shirt pocket,
keeping it close to me;
I want to be like a blanket that covers a child,
keeping You warm through the Coldest of Nights,
hold You close to me when God's Love falls from the sky;
I'll be the tissue that dries the Tears of Sadness from Your eyes,
when I speak, I want every word to be a piece of wood
that keeps Your Love burning;
never do I want the Special Rose You are to wrinkle in the Cold,
I'll be the soil that keeps You standing,
the Sun that helps You grow in Life,
my Love will be the Water that showers You with Compassion;
This Love of mine for You is more than just an emotion...

Valentine's Day Romantic Poem - Love poem

I Love You

"I love you all through February,
Not just on Valentine's Day!
I cherish you when flowers of spring,
Appear in the midst of May."

"I adore you in the summer,
When the air is filled with heat!
Without you in my life each day,
I wouldn't be complete."

"I treasure you in fall,
When leaves are turning gold!
I loved you when you were younger,
I'll love you when you're old."

"I prize you in the winter,
When colder days are here!
I love you, love you all the time,
Every minute of the year."

"So I'll give to you this Valentine,
But I want to let you know!
It's not just today, but always,
That I will love you so."

Valentine's Day Love Poem - Be My Valentine - Proposal Poem

Love Is Enough

By William Morris

Love is enough: though the World be a-waning,
And the woods have no voice but the voice of complaining,
Though the sky be too dark for dim eyes to discover
The gold-cups and daisies fair blooming thereunder,
Though the hills be held shadows, and the sea a dark wonder
And this day draw a veil over all deeds pass'd over,
Yet their hands shall not tremble, their feet shall not falter;
The void shall not weary, the fear shall not alter
These lips and these eyes of the loved and the lover.

A Valentine

By Edgar Allan Poe

For her this rhyme is penned, whose luminous eyes,
Brightly expressive as the twins of Leda,
Shall find her own sweet name, that nestling lies
Upon the page, enwrapped from every reader.
Search narrowly the lines!- they hold a treasure
Divine- a talisman- an amulet
That must be worn at heart. Search well the measure-
The words- the syllables! Do not forget
The trivialest point, or you may lose your labor
And yet there is in this no Gordian knot
Which one might not undo without a sabre,
If one could merely comprehend the plot.
Enwritten upon the leaf where now are peering
Eyes scintillating soul, there lie perdus
Three eloquent words oft uttered in the hearing
Of poets, by poets- as the name is a poet’s, too,
Its letters, although naturally lying
Like the knight Pinto- Mendez Ferdinando-
Still form a synonym for Truth- Cease trying!
You will not read the riddle, though you do the best you can do.

Love poem for Valentine's Day

From The Upland To The Sea


Shall we wake one morn of spring,
Glad at heart of everything,
Yet pensive with the thought of eve?
Then the white house shall we leave.
Pass the wind-flowers and the bays,
Through the garth, and go our ways,
Wandering down among the meads
Till our very joyance needs
Rest at last; till we shall come
To that Sun-god's lonely home,
Lonely on the hillside grey,
Whence the sheep have gone away;
Lonely till the feast-time is,
When with prayer and praise of bliss,
Thither comes the country side.
There awhile shall we abide,
Sitting low down in the porch
By that image with the torch:
Thy one white hand laid upon
The black pillar that was won
From the far-off Indian mine;
And my hand nigh touching thine,
But not touching; and thy gown
Fair with spring-flowers cast adown
From thy bosom and thy brow.
There the south-west wind shall blow
Through thine hair to reach my cheek,
As thou sittest, nor mayst speak,
Nor mayst move the hand I kiss
For the very depth of bliss;
Nay, nor turn thine eyes to me.
Then desire of the great sea
Nigh enow, but all unheard,
In the hearts of us is stirred,
And we rise, we twain at last,
And the daffodils downcast,
Feel thy feet and we are gone
From the lonely Sun-Crowned one,
Then the meads fade at our back,
And the spring day 'gins to lack
That fresh hope that once it had;
But we twain grow yet more glad,
And apart no more may go
When the grassy slope and low
Dieth in the shingly sand:
Then we wander hand in hand
By the edges of the sea,
And I weary more for thee
Than if far apart we were,
With a space of desert drear
'Twixt thy lips and mine, O love!
Ah, my joy, my joy thereof!