Love Rituals And Traditions Around The World

Get out of the clichés forming in your love life, with these creative, but interesting love rituals. These are sure to put back the spark in your love life. Once you have seen this, then enjoy the surreal love happenings around the world, in the love traditions section, below. Have a nice time, and have a great relationship

Love Rituals

Looking for a new relationship does not necessarily have to be a stressful process. It's assumed to be fun, not minding blind dates from the internet or those matchmaking habits of one’s sister, cousin or a certain well-wishing friend. In the spirit of fun, here are some terrific rituals to help you enhance the love around you and motivate you to find someone special.

Feng Shui- This ancient science from Asia teaches you how to arrange objects and furniture in your home so that things in your life run in a smooth way. One trick to enhance love is to buy objects in pairs. Having symmetrical items on the desk, mantle, or dining table can pull in the energy of "couples" to strengthen the love life. So, when you are shopping for the household, instead of buying one candle holder, bud vase, or swan ornament, it’s wise to get two. Putting pairs or a very tall lamp in the southwest corner of the house is also a good idea as this is considered the "love corner". Before starting a ritual in this area, ensure it to be tidy as it might bring clutter into your love life.

Pictures- This is almost same as the Feng Shui tip given above. If you hang pictures on the walls, you can change the existing photos or paintings to the ones concerned with love: as for example two children hugging, dogs playing or a happy couple in love .It helps to energize the kind of love you prefer. If you don't want to fill your entire house with kissing, then keep the less explicit pictures for the kitchen or hallway and save the romantic ones for your bedroom!

Create a Love Journal- You can acquire a nice journal where you can paste pictures concerned with love. You can use a sketch book too, from an art store, make sure that it can hold plenty of pictures and has a sturdy cover. Inside of your journal, you can place photos of couples doing lovey-dovey things you think you would be doing in your ideal relationship - they can be for example playing sports, having a romantic dinner, talking over the phone, wearing night clothes or may be playing with children. To cite an example, I once put up a picture of a loving couple talking over the telephone because communication seems important to me. The only caveat is to ensure that you have a well-rounded journal because you will get what you ask for though not always in the way you expect! Around the time that I had my love journal with the photos of the phone, I was seeing a man who I hardly saw in person and mostly spent time with talking on the phone!

Also write in your favorite quotes. I love to collect quotes about love and file them away whenever I find something special. Lots of soul mate quotes and general love quotes can be availed at: Corresponding with your soul mate by writing love letters can enhance your love journal. I have heard of people having success in this. You can talk about your dreams and goals or say a special prayer wishing for the good health of your love. Put anything in your journal that helps to build up a long, loving and successful relationship.

Candles- Some people often find burning candles create a feeling of peace and spiritual bliss. You can find red or pink candles to burn when you are praying for love. It benefits to actually say or write a prayer for love when you light the candle. You can also put a picture of a loving relationship near the candle while burning it. See yourself in place of the person in the picture. Take care to be safe and monitor the candle while it is burning!

Visualization- This ritual can be in combination with anything else that is listed here to enhance the positive loving energy around you and your home. Only think about what you want to take place. Just pretend you are hearing words of love spoken to you or hugging or being kissed by someone you are in love with. Use loving images, love feelings, or sounds which can help to make the idea of having a real and loving mate for you. Every person has a varying sense that they use to process information and to remember the things. Don't worry if you are unable to perceive like someone else, it is just important to make it feel realistic in some way or other, then that will be great!

Keep Red Roses- There is a reason that people offer red roses for love. Buy dark pink or red roses when you want to bring more romance into your life and recognize the energy of love and. If you don't want to purchase roses, try getting hold of rose water spray or select another flower that reminds you of romance.

Do Loving Things for yourself - Do little regular rituals to remind yourself how sexy and lovable you are. Buy yourself a new outfit that makes you feel attractive, or treat yourself to a nice bath and make yourself a wonderful romantic supper for one. Do anything that makes you feel appreciated and special. When you learn to appreciate yourself, so will someone else.

Read Books about Love and/or Indulge yourself Romantic Movies - This is best done in accordance to some other rituals as you want to make yourself feel that you are ready for love rather than remind yourself that you are single.


The best thing to do is to enjoy yourself. When you are alive, vibrant and feeling good, you're portraying your best self and new people will constantly be drawn to your energy.

Whether it is odd superstitions, strange ways of declaring love, or traditional courtship methods, love can enable people all around the world do some of the strangest things.

The padlocked bridges
Keila Joa, Estonia

In a charming little spot situated by a waterfall, separated by a forest from the sea, lie a couple of rather bizarre bridges.

Traversing the river, they are absolutely shrouded in padlocks of all shapes and sizes. Scrutiny of the padlocks reveals that all of them have two names written on them often in Cyrillic script, along with a date.

It is a custom of the area's Russian community. Freshly wed couples engrave their names on the lock, and then plunge the key into the river. It's supposed to signify that their bond will never be broken, and it's quite a sight to see how many people have come to the bridges to seal their union through the years.

Love spoons
Llangollen, Wales

It is, of course, mandatory for any father to know that a likely son-in-law is able to sustain his family and himself. So what better way to prove it than getting him to craft a spoon? That, right there, is Welsh logic for you, and this is factually how the tradition of love spoons came about. The basic formula is that an amorous young buck would offer the spoon to the apple of his eye, with the delicacy of the carving a sign both of his craftsmanship skills and depth of devotion. If she accepted the spoon, they were officially courting. These days, young Welshmen usually prefer flowers, alcohol or chocolates for the same purpose, but a small cottage industry has been build and sells kitsch love spoon souvenirs to tourists. Picturesque Llangollen being the capital of this, you can hardly move due to them.

The Trevi fountain
Rome, Italy

A giant piece of ornate parade, the Trevi fountain, is one of the many highlights in Rome (once you go past all the men trying to sell you toy commandos and handbags anyway). But for all the architecture, mood lighting and leaping water, the main attraction for many people is just a silly superstition. It has long been believed that if you throw a single coin into the fountain, you'll return to Rome. However, it is what happens after this that is of interest to lovers. Some versions of the legend insist that if you throw a couple of coins in it, it will lead to marriage, but three coins will lead to divorce. Even others claim that the marriage part comes from throwing three coins in it over the left shoulder and with the right hand.

Kachikally Crocodile Pool
The Gambia, West Africa

Local folklore claims that the waters of this small, luminous green pool act as a fertility aid. To bathe in them is believed to boost the chances of conception. The only slight catch is that the pool is full of hundreds of really big Nile crocodiles. Strangely enough though, none of those crocs has ever been reported to have attacked a human, this is again associated to a magical spell put on the water. Charley, one of the monsters, even allows people to go up to him and stroke him. Still, for those who want to become incredibly vibrant, there is a way of splashing yourself with the water without having to fear the pond's toothy dwellers. Just buy some off the wonderful man who says that the crocs won't hurt you.

Male beauty pageant

In the Western world it's majorly women who need to worry about perfecting makeup. It's the opposite in the Wodaabe tribe in West Africa. Each year, the males parade their beauty in front of would-be female partners at a festival called the gerewol, where they put on bright dresses and elaborate make-up. Preparing for the competition takes hours; men pluck their eyebrows, hairlines and whiten their teeth until they're shining bright. The grooming concludes with a competitive dance called yaake, which, some say, is like a cross between a drag show and an opera.

The four-leaf clover

The four-leaf clover is a rare variation of the common, three-leaved clover. According to popular belief, such leaves bring good luck to people who find them, especially if found accidentally. In addition, each leaf is believed to signify something. The first signifies faith, the second symbolizes hope, the third denotes love and the fourth is for luck. Not only is it a lucky charm, the four-leaf clover is also part of an ancient love ritual. In certain parts of Ireland, it is still believed that if a woman consumes a four-leaf clover while thinking of a particular man, that man will eventually be hers. And if that doesn't work, why not feed him shed loads of Guinness and then pounce on him anyway?

By Kinjal Sen