Valentine's day Jokes, Love Jokes and Marriage Jokes!

Get ready to add a dose of laughter to your romantic celebrations with our collection of Valentine's Day Jokes, Love Jokes, and Marriage Jokes! As we celebrate the season of love, why not sprinkle a bit of humor into your heartfelt moments? Whether you're planning a cozy Valentine's date, navigating the intricacies of love, or enjoying the journey of marriage, these jokes are sure to bring smiles and giggles to your special moments. Lighten the mood, share a laugh, and revel in the joyous side of love with our curated selection of witty and charming jokes. Love and laughter go hand in hand, so let the humor flow this Valentine's Day and beyond!

Valentine's Day Jokes and Humor for Wife & Husband

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Some popular and fresh Jokes on Valentine's day and love:

Punny Love:

What did the left eye say to the right eye on Valentine's Day?
"Between you and me, I think Cupid got us!"
What did the cheese say to the cracker on Valentine's Day?
"You're grate!"
What did the grape say to the other grape on Valentine's Day?
"I think I'm in wine!"

Animal Antics:

What did the octopus say to his valentine on Valentine's Day?
"I want to hold you hand-in-hand-in-hand-in-hand-in-hand-in-hand-in-hand!"
Why did the scarecrow win an award on Valentine's Day?
Because he was outstanding in his field!
What did the owl say to his valentine on Valentine's Day?
"Owl always love you!"

Movie Magic:

What did the popcorn say to the butter on Valentine's Day?
"You melt my kernel!"
What did the movie ticket say to the audience on Valentine's Day?
"You're my two cents worth!"
What did the action movie say to the romantic comedy on Valentine's Day?
"Let's get this love story movin'!"

Witty Wordplay:

What did the cynic say when their valentine offered them half their chocolate heart?
"I guess it figures, love is always bittersweet."
Why did the therapist cancel all their appointments on Valentine's Day?
They were booked solid with couples seeking "closure."
What's the difference between a marriage and a deck of cards?
In cards, the Queen is always on top of the King.

Observational Humor:

What's the most romantic thing you can do on Valentine's Day?
Offer to do the dishes after a home-cooked meal... and actually mean it.
Why do restaurants raise their prices on Valentine's Day?
Because apparently, love is blind, but taste buds aren't.
What do you call a couple who argues on Valentine's Day?
Celebrating realistically.

Pop Culture Puns:

What did the Sith Lord say to his partner on Valentine's Day?
"You complete me... darthside of the heart."
What did the superhero say to their significant other on Valentine's Day?
"You're my kryptonite... of loneliness."
What did the reality TV star say to their date on Valentine's Day?
"I think we have great chemistry... let's get a spin-off!"

And finally!

Why did the single person order a pizza with extra anchovies on Valentine's Day?
They figured someone would have to come smell it eventually.