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Valentine's Day Family Celebration Ideas

Valentine's Day isn`t just for lovers. Originally held to honor St Valentine and express love to sweethearts, Feb 14 has also come to be a celebration time for families in general. The modern celebrations of the day sees people complementing their family members with gifts that include popular items as cards, fresh flowers like rose, chocolates and candies. If you are looking for some great celebration ideas to help you pass a splendid Valentine's Day with your family, you are bang at the right place. Scroll down and check out our family celebration ideas for Valentine's Day. If you like the article, incorporate the ideas in your festivities and click here to pass on this page to your friends. Have a great Feb 14 with your family.

Valentines Day with Family

Go through these celebration ideas and have a splendid Valentine's Day with your family.

Scavenger Hunt
Organise a treasure hunt on Valentine's Day. The children of your household are simply gonna love this. Write up little notes about how you feel for them and what they mean to you and place them around your house along with a candy heart or other treat. Add a riddle at the end of each note about where to find the next note. At the last note, have something special waiting there, say a teddy bear or other toy or treat. Make sure that you hide the notes when none of the little ones are watching, or else all the fun is going to be spoiled.


Touch lives
Saint Valentine gave up his life to be of some assistance to his countrymen. Relax, we are not advicing you to do the same. But Valentine's Day can be a splendid opportunity for you to touch the life of someone else and see if you can help that person in some way. You can visit a nearby hospital or chronic care home to hand over small Valentine gifts to the patients admitted in there; especially those who do not have many visitors or have none to call of their own. Your presence will fill them with a sense of belonging to the community and provide them with some much needed emotional boost. Make sure to call the hospitals or nursing homes beforehand to arrange for your visit. Else, your noble intentions can be misinterpreted and can land you in unpleasant circumstances.


Picnic Fun
Cook up some yummy dishes at home, pack them into your Valentine baskets and go for a picnic with your family. The February weather is apt for a day out in the open. Fill up the picnic hamper with games and goodies and have a wild time! If you prefer to eat out, you can hit your favorite joint with your gang, order what you enjoy the best and savor lip-smacking delicacies like pancakes, cupcakes, cones and roasts.

Family celebrating Valentine's Day


Valentine's Meal
Good foods maketh a great occassion. Enhance your Valentine's Day festivities by preparing yummy recipes for the occassion. For a mouthwatering breakfast or brunch, make up a batch of heart-shaped pancakes. For dinner, you can go for potato cutlets, raw fries or tomato blended potatoes. Sounds great, right? Click here to have the cooking directions.


Balloon Goodies
Buy some red balloons and have them filled with candies. Add a folded-up Valentine's message and inflate each balloon. Attach a paper heart to the string of each balloon, with a note to your loved ones. Then leave them in spots where they are to be found by those you have addressed. It will be a nice Valentine morning surprise. Also, decorate the ceilings by hanging heart shape balloons of colours red, pink, purple and white - the traditional Valentine's Day colors.


Throw a Valentine's Day party
Valentine's Day deserves a grand celebration and what better way to do so than to throw a splendid Valentine's Day bash at your home? No need to invite a crowd; you can keep it a family affair. To get some ideas on how to throw a Valentine's Day party, click here(link to Valentine's Day Party Ideas).

Valentine's Day Home

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