Valentine's Day Games Ideas for Party

Games for Valentine Party

Candy Heart Tower

You need:
1) Several jars filled with candy hearts.
2) A fairly large table/smooth working suface.
3) 5 players.
4) 5 medium-sized bowls.
5) A stopwatch.
1) Place 5 chairs around the table. Have the players sit on them.
2) Lay a bowl on the right side of each of the players on the table. Pour an equal number of candy hearts, about 50, into each of them.
3) Stand closeby and press the stopwatch, shouting "START" at the same time.
4) Each player must start at once, taking the hearts from the bowl, and stack them one over the other to create a tower.
5) As soon as 60 seconds go by, all players must stop at once and the players have to count the hearts to see who is the winner. The one who manages to build the tallest tower within the specified time wins the game. The game should again be played with a new set of players.
1) If there is a draw, the game should again be played with the same set of players. Only one winner should be awarded.
2) A jar of candy hearts can be the prize for a winner.

Be a Matchmaker

You need:
1) Several chairs (as many as the number of players).
2) A fairly large room/lawn.
1) Divide the chairs into equal numbers and place these in two rows where the persons sitting on them sit facing each other.
2) Divide the players into two teams of equal strength and let them take their seat on opposite sides.
3) The game should begin with the first player of one side asking the player opposite him/her to complete something like:
"Romeo and ______"
The player on the other team should come up with the right answer ("Juliet") to complete the match. The next player ofthe beginning side must then throw another suggestion to the player facing him/her
"Peter Parker and ______"
The player should think and provide the right answer within seconds. "Mary Jane" is the correct answer for this one.
The game should go on like this and after all the players of one side have finished asking, the players of the opposite side should start questioning.
Some typical questions can be:
"Eggs and _______" - Bacon.
"Flintstone and _______" - Wilma.
"Cinderella and _______" - Prince Charming.
"Peanut butter and ______" - Jelly.

NOTE: Invent your own questions to play the game. It will be best for each team to draw up a list of names so that no unnecessary time is spent in thinking the names.

Throw the Heart

You need:
1) Small heart-shaped plastic disks/candy hearts (as many as the number of players).
2) A big jar (with its mouth open).
3) A fairly large room/lawn.
1) Place the jar in the middle of the room.
2) Have the players sit at equal distances from the jar.
3) Hand over a plastic disk/candy heart to each of the players.
4) As you say "SHOOT", the player sitting closest to you should try to throw his/her heart into the jar. Then the player sitting next should make a try. Let this go on till all the players have made an attempt.
5) Mark the players who manage to throw their hearts right into the jar. Gift each of them a candy heart.
6) Let the game continue. The player who wins the most hearts wins the game.