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Analysis of Pisces for 2015 (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces Sign

Pisces Horoscope 2015 (February 19 – March 20)


Love Sign Jupiter arrives at your romantic region in the middle of August, and you have a simpler time getting along with your beloved ones, forming new relationships and partnerships, and appreciate staying in a relationship. Mars stays in your romance region from late June to early August, and you’re motivated to find love, be caring, and fall in love. A lunar eclipse takes place in your region of love in April, and you conclude an intimate commitment or shift one to the next level.

Mercury appears to move in reverse in your romance region from the middle of September to early October, and an ancient lover might pay you a visit, probably the one you left earlier in the year. It might go quite swell actually, with Mars’ presence in your romance region from late September to the middle of November, and then your region of romance to conclude the year, and a solar eclipse taking place in your romance region in September. It’s rare to have it stick and get back together, but that very well could be the situation here. You become more affectionate towards your partner, if you’re already committed as this year begins.


Career Sign Uranus stays in your monetary region in 2015, and you have unpredictable finances, get a lot then have a drought period, and want to alter the way in which you earn money, save money, handle money, and budget your money. Saturn arrives at Sagittarius and your life path and career region this year, and you become more focused about your ambitions and goals, and all of the smart and hard effort you’ve put in can begin to reap rewards, but that won’t happen if you aren't doing the work.

Jupiter in Leo is in your area of work until the middle of August, and you want to follow new work opportunities and have a better work ambiance for yourself. Mars is in your region of work from early August to late September, and you’re motivated to work hard and concentrate, but Venus moving in reverse in your region of work from August through early September might make that trying for you and you’re disturbed by your absence of motivation, or are too lethargic to do anything fruitful.

Mars is in your monetary region from the middle of February through March, and a solar eclipse takes place in this region in March, making for a favourable time to increase your finances. You can be granted an excellent new financial chance, or create one for yourself that you follow over the next half of the year. It comes to light with the lunar eclipse in your monetary region in September, and all of the effort pays off.

Home and Family

Home and Family Your family and home become important during the central portion of the year, Pisces. Mars is in your family and home region from the middle of May to late June, and Mercury will appear to move in reverse in this from the middle of May to that of June. You can have arguments with your relatives, getting into quarrels with them, not understanding them well or communicating clearly, and you’re irritated by them and their tantrums. You can have issues at home, and you have trivial things fall apart that need to be replaced or fixed, and fresh plans are put on hold for selling or buying real estate or moving. You’re way too involved in your own emotions to consider the possibility of others as much as you should. Try to think about their emotions before you create tantrums.

Mental State

Mental State Mars is in the region dominating your subconscious mind to begin the year, until the middle of January, and you’re motivated to delve into your subconscious as this year kicks off. You might want to tackle past issues, and think about old traumas, and let go of emotional weight you no longer need. Your aspirations are prophetic and powerful, as is your intuition. Mercury will appear to move in reverse from the middle of January to that of February, and those things you were considering letting go, stick to you tightly, not wanting to go away just yet. You have to put in an extra amount of effort to get rid of them. Mars will stay in the region dominating your mind from April through mid-May, and your outlook is more positive, eager to take a leap of faith, and believe in yourself.


General Mars looms in your sign from the middle of January to that of February, and you’re zealous, energetic and can’t wait to begin something new. You want to get a hold of your life and take control. Neptune, your dominant planet, stays in your astrological sign, and those of you born between February 23rd - 28th will feel it to the letter at some juncture during 2015. Your imagination soars and you have no trouble with fantasy. You feel lost in your reveries, and you feel more of a bond with them than reality. Reality seems too far away for you to get a hold of, and you can’t deal with harsh figures and facts. You have problems seeing situations and people as they are, and succumb to delusions and illusions. This isn’t a favourable period to make important choices, especially about other people and judging how bad or good they are. This is quite a favourable time if you’re a creative type, and you can channel this zeal into your creations. You’re increasingly motivated each day. You’re charismatic and dreamy, which people appreciate, but you’re more sentimental, and need to beware that you’re not too trustworthy, because it’ll likely be of the incorrect people. Also be careful of escapist habits this year, because you might cross your limits with trying to escape from reality, and find yourself in trouble. Alcohol and drugs should be avoided since you’re more susceptible to them now. Be careful of pollutants and chemicals as well, as your body takes them in more quickly and you’re easily affected.

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