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Analysis of Taurus for 2015 (April 21 – May 22)

Taurus Sign

Taurus Horoscope for 2015 (April 21 – May 22)


Love Sign Saturn is at the conclusion of its visit through Scorpio and your romance region, where it has been stationed last couple of years. You’ve been striding out of unhealthy relationships with people who aren’t worth your time and those don't bring a thing to the table, and think about what it is you require the most in a commitment, and how you can improve the situation with your loved ones. You’ve seen some people walk out of your life, but deep inside you know it’s for the better. When you reach the conclusion of a Saturn transit, that’s when positive stuff start happening. Saturn will be in your romance region from June and throughout September, and this is when you can take the plunge for a new commitment, start a delicate and fresh relationship, and have proper knowledge of what a proper relationship is. With Saturn visiting Sagittarius, this will make you move on from your relationship problems, and concentrate totally on your intimacy problems. You can fight to get as intimate to people as is capable by you, and not want to open yourself emotionally. That will alter with Saturn's presence in Sagittarius for the coming few years, so be prepared.

Jupiter comes into your romance region in the middle of August, and you can receive and give love with a lot more ease. Mars will stay in your region of love from October to the middle of November, and this is when you’re absolutely motivated to enjoy love, look for love and love love. This holds true especially with the solar eclipse taking place in September in your region of love, and September could be a favourable period to fall in love for the people who are single, or fall in love yet again for the people who are committed.


Career Sign 2015 might end up being a trying year for you with this aspect of life, Taurus. A lunar eclipse takes place in your area of work in April, and this could signify that you choose it’s time to walk out of your job, or you lose it entirely if you haven’t been working seriously. These choices are highly likely if you don’t appreciate the work you do. If you do appreciate it, and you’ve been practicing all of the accurate things, you might be handsomely rewarded with this eclipse, but might also have to become a lot more responsible.

Mars is going to visit your work, monetary and career regions in 2015, being in your career region as the year starts off until the middle of January, your monetary region form the middle of May to that of June, and your area of work from the middle of November to the conclusion of the year. You’re motivated to create opportunities for yourself, but it’s highly likely that a result of the problems that originate from the Mercury appearing to move in reverse in the same regions this year. Mercury appears to move in reverse in your career region from late January to the middle of February, and you think about the direction you’re going in, and face setbacks with your goals. Mercury appears to move backwards in your monetary region from the middle of May to that of June, and you have sudden money problems or an overlooked crunch in your budget. Mercury appears to move in reverse in your area of work from the middle of September through early October, and you feel overburdened by your work, or decide it's time to stride away. You’ll need to preach patience this year when it comes to your work, and not shove anything too much. This is a favourable year for returning to work in a career you had some time ago, an employer or a job you used to work at, and earn money in a manner you have in the past.

Home and Family

Home and Family Jupiter in Leo is in your family and home region until the middle of August, making it simpler for you to be closer with your family. You also love spending quality time at home, and feel the need to make your house as beautiful as you can, but you probably felt a lot of times that your house was not large enough, and you’ve longed for wider spaces. Mars is in your family and home region between August and September, and you feel the need to move, sell or buy real estate, or do something about your home.

In September, Mars will visit your region dominating children, and a solar eclipse will take place there, so a fresh new chance could come up for your children, or they might be in the spotlight. The big troubles this year with this region of life is your ruler, Venus appears to move in reverse in your family and home region from August up to early September, and you just have no affection whatsoever for your family or home, and don’t feel like paying attention to them. You can be non-caring about being tactful, and say something mean, so beware of yourself. You shouldn’t take down any bridges that you will probably have to stride over in future.

Mental State

Mental State With Saturn visiting Sagittarius, that’ll be your region dominating the problems you hold deep inside you, so you can be even more serious over the next couple of years as an outcome. Saturn needs you to come to terms with those issues, taking them out and looking them in the eye, and preventing yourself from hiding them away. Just because they’re elusive doesn’t mean they’re not present.

Uranus’s presence in Aries stays in your region dominating your subconscious, so you can make unexpected progress dealing with your emotional weight and past problems, and let go of things suddenly and unexpectedly. You clean up regularly, and you’ll have a time for cleaning up when Mars is also in this region from the middle of February through March. Let go of as much as possible by you. This could be a huge year for lightening up and letting go, considering the solar eclipse occurring in April and lunar eclipse taking place in September are also in this region, so try to concentrate on lightening up and figure out how you can go about doing so. There’s no point in going on with all of this emotional weight that just prevents you from striding forwardas you should. You feel optimistic about it with the solar eclipse taking place, but might stay sentimental from it all as time approachesfor the lunar eclipse to roll around, and you face the reality that you must work on purging some part of you that you aren’tprepared to get rid of yet. The most unsettling stuff we do is usually the ones that offer the biggest personal growth.


General Mars is going to stay in your sign from April to the middle of May, and this is the juncture of the year when you have the most zeal, are highly motivated to try something fresh, and can get a fresh project started. Venus, your ruler, will appear to move in reverse from late July to early September, and when your ruler is moving in reverse, it can knock you off slightly, and nothing seems to be going your way. Try not to schedule anything lucrative for then. For additional troubles, Saturn in Scorpio has been creating problems your sign, Taurus, and the people born prior to May 19th and on will experience the opposition to the letter while Saturn is at the brink of Scorpio from the middle of June to that of September. You can have issues dealing with your duties, being practical and having discipline, you’re extra careful and anxious, and you feel overburdened by all that weight on your shoulders.

When Mercury appears to move in reverse from late January to the middle of February, Mercury will be at a difficult angle to Taurus termed a square, and the people born between April 21st - May 8th will experience it to the letter, with those of you born between May 7th - 9th feeling the beginning of retrograde phase, and those of you born between April 21st - 22nd feeling the conclusion of the retrograde phase. You have trouble expressing yourself properly, you get into lots of tiny tiffs with a number of people, technical stuff don’t appear to be on the same page as you, and your mind has trouble concentrating. You feel like you’re not on the same page with yourself internally, and your strength can be low.

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