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Analysis of Leo for 2015 (July 24 – August 23)

The year 2015 is pretty favourable year for the Leo regarding money. This year will start with Jupiter settled in the sign. Jupiter assists you this year, coming into your monetary region. Mars will be in the region dominating your dreams. The 2015 Leo horoscope predicts that this is a good time to make some big decisions.
Leo Sign

Leo Horoscope for 2015(July 24 – August 23)


Love Sign Neptune stays in Pisces and your romantic region in 2015, and you want to experience a soul mate connection with someone. Saturn arrives at Sagittarius and your romantic region in 2015, and this makes you increasingly serious about romance, and helps control your unrealistic and idealistic expectation from Neptune. You don’t want to date a handful of people and keep it casual anymore. You are looking for real love, and commit yourself to someone for life. However, 2015 might not be the year where you truly find it, no matter how much as you want this and you spend most of the year learning about what romance means to you.

Mars is in your romance region to begin the year, until the middle of January, and then comes into your romantic region till the middle of February. During this period, Mercury will appear to move in reverse in your romance region from the middle of January to that of February, so you’re focused on your commitments to begin the year because you have faced some obstacles. You could witness one or more people walk out of your life, and it might be your decision. You find that that some people in your life aren’t healthy for you anymore as you observe them more idealistically, and you feel like cleaning house.


Career Sign This is a pretty favourable year for you regarding money, Leo. Pluto stays in Capricorn and in your work region all the year round, and you want to keep a control over your work life, and change the work that done by you. Mars will be in the region of your career from April till the middle of May, and you want to set a few objectives, concentrate on the present ones, and make some advancements in the career, achieving success in it.

Jupiter assists you now, coming into your monetary region in the middle of August, and staying there till the year ends. In this region Jupiter is just too good for helping to improve your monetary condition, and enhancing your position money-wise. You have more chances to gain more money, and you need to steer the situation to your benefit. This is true especially in the month of September, when there is a solar eclipse in your financial region, and Mars comes into your financial region during the late end of the month, to remain till the middle of November. You may see a good chance in front of you to improve your income, and you should use the situation to your benefit to anything that knocks your way, because this is the perfect chance you will have for a pretty long time.

Home and Family

Home and Family The Saturn which is in Scorpio will affect your domestic and family region, and Saturn will go away from Scorpio for ever in 2015, remaining from the middle of June till the middle of September in Scorpio. The Saturn transit for the first few years, can make it difficult, and it make you to feel restricted at home, you may feel that your family is trying to hold you back and that you didn’t make a strong footing in your life. Now that you are almost near the end, that begins to alter, and you came across beneficial things now. You can enhance the bonding you share with your family, move into a much better home, and feel like you have achieved a strong footing. Saturn will make a move into Sagittarius and the region concerned with your children, if you have any, can make you to have a little difficult relationship with them for some time. As Mars enters the region controllingyour parents from April till the middle of May, and you may have more arguments with them, but also get to be with them for longer periods.

Mental State

Mental State Mars is in the region which controls your mind beginning from the middle of November till the year ends, and you concentrate on topics related to your mental state. A lunar eclipse takes place in this region in April, and it can make you to become a bit more emotional, and express what you feel in a better way. Mercury appears to move in reverse in this region from the middle of September to early October, and you feel that you can’t focus on anything, can’t relate to the bright side, and can’t trust your mind.

You actually have the opportunity to follow higher education with Uranus in the region dominating high education all year, Mars is in this region from the middle of February through March, and a solar eclipse takes place in this region in March, making March a favourable time to start. Take a leap of faith and go for it. This is also a favourable time to travel. Generally, you just want to be a lot more open minded and let your mind roam freely.


General Jupiter stays in your sign until the middle of August, and you carry on feeling optimistic and follow new opportunities. You might want to reap the most of Jupiter in your sign, because it won’t occur again for another decade. Mars will stay in your sign from early August to late September and your zeal increases, along with your energy.

Mars will be in the region dominating your dreams from the middle of May to late June, and Mercury will appear to move in reverse in that region from the middle of May to that of June. You can question your aspirations, if they’re even plausible, and fear that you need to give up on them and put your effort on something more practical. It makes you defensive and grumpy, and you should wait before make any big decisions, because the big day for monetary gains is yet to arrive.

On the other hand, Mercury will appear to move in reverse in the sign opposite yours from the middle of January to that of February, and those of you born between July 24th - August 10th will feel it to the letter at some point during the retrograde phase, with those of you born between August 9th - 11th being most affected at the beginning of the retrograde, and those of you born between July 24th - 26th being most affected by the conclusion of the retrograde. You get into lots of little fights with people, as you have problems communicating with others properly, and nothing comes out right, and you end up blaming it all on everyone else.

Venus will appear to move in reverse this year, and it’ll be in your sign, Leo, and those of you born prior to August 8th will experience it to the letter at some point during the retrograde phase. You’ll be lethargic and indulgent, you’ll lack drive and motivation, you’ll feel everything should be silver-spooned to you on a silver platter, and you won’t worry about being considerate or tactful of other people.

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