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Analysis of Capricorn for 2015 (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorn Sign

Capricorn Horoscope for 2015 (December 22 – January 19)


Love Sign Jupiter in Leo is in your romance sector until the middle of August, and you want to strengthen bonds, feel a powerful and deep connection, and something that is both physical and emotional. From April to the middle of May, Mars is in your romance region, and you’re motivated to find love, have increased love in your life, and be caring. Mars is in your intimacy sector from late June till early August, and you are driven to have strengthened bonds with people you trust.

From early August to late September, Mars is in your romantic sector, and you will want to feel intimatewith people and feel they’re as affectionate about you as you are about them. The drawback with that is Venus will appear to move in reverse in your romantic sector from August to early September, and either they don’t feel like dealing with it or you don't , you feel distant from people and don’t feel like opening up, and are too sentimental for folks to handle. You could also witness the arrival of an ancient lover during this time, and the flames are still there, but probably won’t go on for very long.


Career Sign Mars is going to go over the important regions this year: starts the year in your monetary region from the middle of January, in your work area from the middle May through late June, and in your life path and career region from the middle of November to the conclude of the year. You’re motivated to work hard, improve your financial situation and achieve your goals.

Sadly, Mercury is disrupting the plans by having all three retrograde sequences in these same sectors: In your monetary region from the middle of January, in your work area from the middle May through late June, and in your life path and career region from the middle of November to the conclude of the year. You try to concentrate on your finances early, however you might give up an extra source of income or overlook something. You put in extra effort during the summer to cover up for the setbacks with your work. After problems and delays with your ambitions later in the year, you’re driven to succeed even more than you used to by the time the year concludes. This is a favourable year to go back to earning money in a way you used to or work at a prior job you used to have, for a past employer.

Home and Family

Home and Family Uranus’s presence in Aries is in your home and family region all through the year, and you’re making alterations in your relationships with relatives that are unexpected and sudden. You cut them off swiftly and without warning, or jump back into their lives unexpectedly and forgetting anything that may have happened in the past. You decide to take on projects swiftly, when at home, or move on a whim. That could happen this year, in fact, when Mars is in this region from the middle of February through March, and you can't wait to relocate. A solar eclipse takes place in this region in March, and the shift is something that might pose as favourable, and leads to optimistic opportunities for you, or you need to move because you’ve been offered a golden chance. You can also feel like doing something fresh to your home, beginning a big renovation or remodel, or you could spend more time with your family and decide to do something with a relative. It is likely to come to a conclusion with the lunar eclipse in this region in September, and you gain from what you've sown.

Mental State

Mental State Saturn enters Sagittarius and the region dominating your subconscious mind this year, and you need to begin putting in effort on your subconscious issues, eliminating your emotional weight and facing the past. You need to start ridding your life of what you don’t need, and face everything you’ve gone through. We all have problems, and Saturn will enable you to stop and come to terms with them. Mars is in the region dominating your mind form the middle of January to that of February, and your mind is faster, sharper and you’re optimistic, though also more cynical.

Jupiter enters Virgo in the middle of August, and this aids in improving your mood considerably. You’re much more positive about everything, and don’t feel emotionally weighed down by life. This holds true especially with Mars also in Virgo from late September to the middle of November, and a solar eclipse taking place in Virgo in September. All of this will take place in the region dominating higher education, so you could return to school during this period. It’s a favourable time for travelling, learning something new, and expanding your life in fresh ways. You feel more adventurous and daring, ready to explore this world.


General Pluto looms in your horoscope Capricorn, and those of you born between January 3rd - 6th will face Pluto on your Sun at some juncture during this year 2015. This strengthens your intensity, makes you more unyielding and power hungry, and you’re driven about everything and way too passionate. You can be possessive and jealous, and people have a tough time dealing with your sentimentality. Your stare is more dark and brooding, and you seem very serious about life. Something could be purged in your life so you have to change it for the better. It might even be you. In order to deal with that, don’t wait for something to be removed by Pluto, and do it by you. See what needs to be changed for a more positive outcome in your life and within yourself, and then go for it. No starting and then giving up, no half-hearted measures and feeling that it’s too hard. Stick to it, and you’ll be surprised at how much you evolve. This is also a favourable period to rise from the ashes, in a manner of speaking, and come back from a state where everyone looked down upon you. You’re here for redemption.

Uranus in Aries is at an unfortunate angle to your sign termed a square, and those of you born between January 2nd - 11th will experience it to the letter at some point during 2015. There’s an uneasiness that builds inside of you, and you’re not satisfied with leaving things the way that they are. You long for a difference, and its likely going to appear internally, and be a transformation within yourself. Between Uranus and Pluto, you really have to work on reinventing yourself in 2015, for the Capricorns born between January 3 - 6th. These two are asking for it.

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