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Analysis of Sagittarius for 2015 (November 23 – December 21)

Sagittarius Sign

Sagittarius Horoscope for 2015 (November 23 – December 21)


Love Sign Uranus stays in your region of love all year, and you want to experience love that’s exciting, with someone different and interesting, and can jump in and out of love plenty of times- and probably will again in 2015. Mars will be in your region of love from the middle of February through March, and a solar eclipse takes place in your region of love in March. This is a favourable time to fall in love, and it will occur swiftly, like lightning, maybe like love at first sight. But it’s duration about as long as lightning, as Mercury might appear to move in reverse in your area of love from the middle of May to that of June, and with Mars in that region at the same time, you get into huge quarrels, you don’t see eye-to-eye and butt heads, and conclude it’s time to call it off. A few of you might witness the return of an old flame during this period, and you might suddenly get with them, but it also dies fast.

Mars is in your romantic region from late June up until early August, and you long forincreased closeness in your life, but it's likely you’ll find it from friends and family. You can have a passionate lover, but it won’t actually move into anything meaningful. A lunar eclipse takes place in your area of romance in September, and you’re sentimental with your loved ones, and are motivated by the love you already possess in your life.


Career Sign Pluto remains in your monetary region all year, and you’ve observed your life devoid of everything you thought you required to feel secure and safe materialistically that wasn’t really needed. You’re coming to terms with what is really important to you, and how to make the most of what you have. Your outlook toward money is increasing, and while it’s become increasingly valuable to you in some ways, it seems to be less apparent in others.

Jupiter enters Virgo and your life path and career region in the middle of August, and Mars will stay in this region from late September to the middle of November, and a solar eclipse takes place in this region in September. It’s a fantastic period for pursuing a goal, coming to terms with success, and acquiring what you hope to achieve professionally. This is the most favourable period in a long span of time for it, so don’t miss the chance. Put in the work you’ll require to ahead of time in the primary half of the year, from April to the middle of May, when Mars is in your region of work. Get ready.

Home and Family

Home and Family Neptune stays in Pisces and your family and home region in 2015, and you have a difficult period looking at your family as they really are. You don rose-coloured glasses with them, only craving to witness the best, and not taking note of the harmful stuff they might be doing to you and others. You also keep on experiencing water problems at home, flooded basements, and leaking pipes, mole growth, or feel the need to be by the water. Another little odd and random turnabout can be living in a town or on a street that has some well-known body of water in the name. Your idea of where home is can be hazy, and you may find yourself walking around in a wayward for a while.

Mars is in your family and home region from the middle January to that of February, and you can concentrate on spending quality time with your family, spicing up your home, or move. Mercury appears to move in reverse from the middle of January to that of February in the region dominating your neighbours and siblings, and you can get into a quarrel with them, or feel that you should sever ties with them. It will not last if you do.

Mental State

Mental State Saturn in Scorpio has been in the region dominating your subconscious mind over the last few years, and you’ve been facing troubles from before, trying to get rid of burdens and traumas, and let your heart have less emotional weight to carry around. You’ve been required to take things seriously, but it’s been needed. Mercury appears to be moving in reverse in the region dominating your mind from the middle of January to that of February, and you might doubt your ideas, question yourself, and have issues communicating with others properly.

Throughout summer, you might feel the need to go back to school with Venus moving in reverse in the region dominating higher education from August to early September, Mars in this region from early August till late September, and Jupiter in this region throughout the middle of August. It might be that you chose to go back over the summer, but don’t actually begin until fall. No matter what, you feel like setting your mind free and letting it explore, so try learning something fun and fresh.


General Well, you’re next on Saturn's hit list, Sagittarius, with Saturn arriving at your sign for a long visit this year. Yes, you feel like the pain factory for the universe, but just see it is as another learning curve, and keep in mind that you can stay clear of many of the downfalls by being dutiful, making good decisions, putting together plans and doing your homework before you act.

Neptune’s presence in Pisces is positioned at a difficult angle termed a square to your sign, and the people born between November 27th - December 2nd will experience it to the letter at some juncture in 2015. You have a difficult periodlooking at things clearly, stuck in your own fantasies and delusions. You’re not true to yourself and not realistic about what you can do, and can become susceptible to attacks. You’re stuck in a foggy state of mind, and shouldn’t engage yourself in anything important this year.

Mercury will appear to move in reverse in Gemini from the middle of May to that of June, which is contrary to your sign. Those of you born between November 26th - December 6th experience it to the letter at some point during the retrograde phase, with those of you born between December 5th - 7th being affected most by the beginning of the retrograde phase, and those of you born between November 26th - 28th being affected most by the conclusion of the retrograde. You experience opposition to your ideas, get into fights with people, have problems expressing yourself with others or getting to know them, and sense that everybody is pitted against you. Even though they are not, appears that way to you.

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