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Analysis of Scorpio for 2015 (October 24 – November 22)

Scorpio Sign

Scorpio Horoscope for 2015 (October 24 – November 22)


Love Sign Neptune stays in your romance region all year round, and you want love that surpass and is with a loved one, but you’re quite unrealistic with your most beloved people. Mars stays in your romance region from the middle of January to that of February, and you want to have more love in your life, want to receive and give affection, and can come across someone then, but be careful it is just a fun-filled fling and nothing more. Mars is in your romantic region from April till the middle of May, and you are eager to be committed and have close relationships, but you are inclined to towards your friends and familyfor that as opposed to a soul-mate.

Mars is in your close relationship region from the middle of May till almost the end of June, and Mercury will appear to move in reverse in this region simultaneously. You could be quite disturbed at this time, desperate for being intimate and to share a firm bond with someone, but you can’t seek what you really want. You’re agitated from held carefully passion, and can retort at people.


Career Sign Uranus stays in your work region in 2015, and you want to have more independence with your work, or make alterations with the work you’re doing, feeling like you should try to do something else, something new and exciting. March could actually be an ideal time for you with Mars in your work region from the middle of February and throughout the entirety Marchalong with a solar eclipse in your work region in March. This is an ideal time for acquiring a new job, and you can be gifted with new chances of work even if you’re not aware.

Saturn comes into Sagittarius and your financial region this year, and you pay more attention to handling your finance properly. If you’ve been extravagant, careless and increasing debt, that’ll change soon. With Saturn here over the next few years, you’ll be bound to learn how to manage your finance well, and prepare yourself for the future. If you already manage your finance well, you can be gifted with a better financial stability.

Jupiter is in Leo and will affect your career and life path region till the middle of August and this is the ideal time for making a progress in your career. You set targets for yourself and you’re come across great chances to pursue and achieve them, and it doesn’t usually require much effort from your end, though it is time for you to grind a bit or you’ll waste the energy. Mars will stay in this region in the early August till the end of September, and have ambitions, focussed, and want to get success in your life. The only problem is Venus, who will appear to move in reverse in this region from August till the early September, so it might make you feel that you want to achieve and to work toward your targets, but you’re too laid back to actually do anything, feel as if all things will be handed to you on a platter of silver, or have difficulty to win over the correct people. In late September, you begin to get into the grind.

Home and Family

Home and Family It’s not a very tied up year for this region of your life, Scorpio. Mars is with you in your home and family region as the year starts till the middle of January, so you want to be with your family and spend time at home as the year starts, probably feeling instinctively that late in the year your targets in your career will take up much of your attention. Mercury will appear to move in reverse in your home and family region in the middle of January to that of February and you can have problems to communicate with your family, get unpleasant news from or about a family member, or have trouble at your home, like bursting of pipes or outlets surprising you. Pluto in Capricorn is in the region controlling your neighbours and siblings, and you feel like you’ve been occupied in a tussle over power and have to handle them for some time. You need to give up the tendency to rule. Neptune in Pisces is in the region controlling your children, and you have a difficult time watching them as they truly stand.

Mental State

Mental State A lunar eclipse takes place in the region controlling your subconscious mind in the month April, and must let go consciously of something that you’ve been holding on to for too long. The time has come for you to let go, but you have two minds at first, and it does not help you. Subconsciously, you feel like it’s making you secure, but it’s not the case. Mercury will appear to move in reverse in this region from the middle of September till the early October, and if you release it in the early half of the year, you drag it back now for one last rejoicing. Mars comes into this region in the middle of November, and that’s when it ultimately leaves your life forever, and you definitely seem relaxed about it. It’s been a persistent thing that’s perturbed you all throughout the year, and it’s finally done with. Pluto’s presence in Capricorn is in the region controlling your mind, and you can keep an immense control over yourself as well as your mind when you want to at present. You change your mind and the way you perceive the world, and you can utilise your mind to transform the things you’re not satisfied with, making a great asset of it now.


General Saturn has been in Scorpio for the last few years, and hopefully you’re prepared for it to go. Well, you’re lucky, because it comes to a conclusioncome 2015, with Saturn only staying in Scorpio till the middle of June till the middle of September and then it’s done with. You’ve been responsible for so many things, had to counter so much reality, and had to face so much while Saturn was present in your sign, and you are glad to see that end. You’ve got your lesson learnt, many of them, and are ready to move forward.

The universe will gift you a tiny portion in 2015 for all that you had to face come September. Jupiter enters Virgo and the region controlling your dreams in the middle of August, Mars is in this region from the late September till the middle of November, and a solar eclipse takes place in this region in September. You can be gifted with the chance to make a dream of yours become real, and it’s an exciting opportunity. It’s been so disturbing of late, and you’re in for something good to happen to you. Even if you do not come across the opportunity, you can muster one up for yourself and make it happen. The universe will not come in your way if you try, and will pave the route for you so you don’t come across any hurdles on the way. Make full use of the chance!

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