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Analysis of Gemini for 2015 (May 23 - June 23)

Gemini Sign

Gemini Horoscope for 2015 (May 23 – June 23)


Love Sign Pluto remains in your romantic region all year, making you long for deep bonds and intimate connections that can make a difference your life. Saturn arrives at Sagittarius and your romance sector in 2015, and you're even more serious about your commitments than you were in the past. You prefer keeping it casual and sweet, Gemini, but that transforms strongly now. You can see some people walking out of your life, and some of you in relationships might have a breakup. However, some of you will commit yourself to another, after coming across that special person you want to spend your life with. For a split up, that’s highly likely when it appears to move in your intimacy region from the middle of September to early October, and issues in your romantic life occur. Some of you could see the arrival of an ancient love at that time too.

A lunar eclipse takes place in your romance region in April, which adds to the energy of Saturn, and you end unfavourable romantic relationships and become increasingly affectionate to healthy ones. Mars enters your romantic region in the middle of November, to stay there for the whole of the year, and you’re motivated to find love, receive and give affection, and have increased love in your life. That could be a favourable period to come across someone new, if single, but remember, you must take it seriously. You’re not just in it for a usual fling. You need something that will last for a really long time, something real.


Career Sign Neptune stays in your life path and career region throughout the year, so you are still uncertain about your direction and need to be sure that you’re being diligent with your ambitions and goals. It is fantastic if you work in the arts or music with feet, or with water. Saturn’s presence in Scorpio has loomed in your work area, and that comes to a close this year. When Saturn gets to the conclusion of a region, it’s apparent that things get better, and you’re handsomely rewarded for the positive decisions and hard work you’ve been doing over the past few years. You’ve probably felt like you’ve been putting in more effort than required, and have barely been able to see any results at all. Saturn will stay in Scorpio from the middle of June to that of September, so you might have a bit of progress then, especially from late June up until early August, when Mars also stays your monetary region. You can get a job that pays better money or a raise and work out a way to make more money from the additional effort you've been putting, and are granted new chances that will aid you financially. Mars is in your life path and career region from the middle of January to that of February, so you feel like putting yourself on the correct area this year, and make your decision early on that. This will be your focus for the most part of this year.

Home and Family

Home and Family Jupiter in Leo is in the region dominating your siblings and neighbours, so you keep on having better relationships with them in 2015. The only issue comes when Venus appears to move in reverse in this region from August to early September, and you can say the incorrect thing, not want to deal with anything with them, and not care about their feelings.

Jupiter arrives at your family and home region in the middle of August, and then you have stronger bonds with your entire family. You love to plan outings with them, spending quality time with them, and try to improve your tough relationships with them, and move on from old fights. Mars will be in your family and home region from late September to the middle of November, and this could be a favourable time to put some effort on your home that gives it a bigger feel or increases its value, sell or buy real estate that’s quite favourable for you, or shift to a nicer, bigger home. This is more often the case with a solar eclipse taking place in this region in September. It’s also an excellent time for bonding with family, creating stronger ties with your next of kin, or you might witness a relative do something hefty and you have to stay by their side.

Mental State

Mental State Pluto looming in Capricorn lets your state of mind be a little more serious than you’d like. Jupiter’s presence in Leo is in the region dominating your mind, so you try to have a more optimistic outlook for the primary half of the year. Even if things don't go well, you could find a way to look at the positive side of things, and you won’t brood about how tough it is. Venus appears to move in reverse in this region from August through early September, and you could lack mental focus and discipline and be mentally lazy and shy away from mental projects. Mars stays in this region from August through late September, and you’re agitated by the lethargy and absence of discipline at first, and it ends up giving you a worse temper, repeatedly engaging in verbal fights with people, and you’re on the brink, easy to snap. You need to be mindful with your words during this period, and keep in mind that they can wound people.

Earlier in this year, from April to the middle of May, Mars is in the region dominating your subconscious mind, and you can keep your focus on that, and release some emotional weight. That might enable you to not get so frustrated in August and September.


General Uranus stays in Aries and the region dominating your future ambitions, and Mars will stay in this region from the middle of February to March. A solar eclipse takes place in this region in March as well, so you could suddenly or unexpectedly begin pursuing a goal that you have, or are granted the opportunity to go forward with one of your dreams, or take a leap of faith with an ambition that you’re working on.No matter what comes, you must make the most of it and with the arrival of the lunar eclipse in this region in September, and you could actually witness this dream gradually become reality. It’s not a thing you think is even possible as the year starts off, and it happens at swift speed, but it’s a welcome surprise.

Mars will stay in your sign from the middle May to late June, and this is the period you have the most drive, energy, stamina, and are zealous about everything you do. On the other hand, your ruler, Mercury, will appear to move in reverse in your sign from the middle May to that of June. You don’t appreciate Mercury retrograding normally since that’s your dominant planet and you get all messy but with this retrograde, it gets worse. Anything and everything can go wrong, so you have to exercise patience and be ready. Those of you born between May 25th - June 4th will experience this to the letter at some point during the retrograde phase, with those of you born between June 3rd - 5th being impacted by the beginning of this reverse movement, and those of you born between May 25th - 27th affected by the conclusion of the retrograde.

Neptune in Pisces, again, is at a difficult angle to Gemini termed a square, and those of you born between May 26th - 31st will experience it to the letter in 2015. You can have trouble grasping reality, understanding figures and facts, and are open to attack. You must be on high alert for being taken advantage of and have extra thick skin. You’ll often struggle internally though, and stay lost in fantasies, illusions, daydreams and delusions. You might be more anxious this year, and need to be sure you avoid escapist habits, especially alcohol or drugs since you’ll be more susceptible to them.

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