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Analysis of Cancer for 2015 (June 24 – July 23)

Cancer Sign

Cancer Horoscope for 2015 (June 24 - July 23)


Love Sign Pluto looms in your relationship region all year, and you look for strong relationships with powerful people, transformational relationships and strong bonds. Saturn in Scorpio has been in your romance region for the past few years, and this arrivesat a closure in 2015. When Saturn is at the end point of a region, things appear to get better, so you’ve probably figured out your troubles with romance by now and put your efforts on the hindrances that were preventing you from sharing meaningful love relationships in your life. So now, you can truly experience that committed relationship that you crave. Saturn is in Scorpio from the middle of June to that of September this year.

The year starts with Mars in your romance sector until the middle of January, and you begin the year trying to become intimate to your loved ones. That becomes a hindrance when Mercury appears to move in reverse in this region middle of January to that of February, and you feel more farfetched than ever. You become too possessive and clingy, and people aren't able to stay around you for more than a while. The primary few months of this year could be a hard time for your relationships.


Career Sign Uranus in Aries remains in your life path and career region all year, and you continue to alter the ideas you have for what you require in life, and go for fresh ambitions. Jupiter in Leo stays in your monetary sector, which is fantastic for making more money and improving your financial situation. This lasts throughout till the middle August. Mars is in your life path and career sector from the middle of February to that of March and a solar eclipse takes place in this region in March as well. This could be a favourable time for you to pursue with a goal, you've been presented with a golden career chance, and it arrives suddenly, unexpectedly and you must act swiftly, but it’s a favourable thing for you. During the time the lunar eclipse in September in this region comes around, you’re finished and you pursue that which you set out to fulfil, and now find yourself experiencing success and reaping the rewards. Monetary rewardsmight be included with Mars in your monetary region from early August to late September.

Saturn comes into Sagittarius in 2015, and shall stay in your work area, so whatever rolls out, while it will lead to better success and opportunities, it also means more work and more responsibilities over the following few years, so be sure to be prepared for that. This is a favourable year for you related to your career and the only drawback there is Venus will appear to move in reverse in your monetary region from August to early September. You could have a hindrance with your finances then, have to expend more on something than you want to, feel a little pinched by overlooking something in your budget, but that’s the only trouble this year.

Home and Family

Home and Family Saturn in Scorpio is in your region dominating children, so you’ve felt more dutiful for them over the past few years, and have experienced a more distant relationship with them. Things this year as Saturn moves out of Scorpio, and you don’t feel so bogged down by the duty, and they’re more than ready to open up. Middle of August in, Jupiter enters your region ruling neighbours and siblings, and you can work on strengthening your relationships with them, feeling a tighter bond with your next of kin and an increased family bondage with your neighbours.

A lunar eclipse occurs in your family and home sector in April, and something relatively essential can come to an end for a family member, you finish a home improvement project, the selling or buying of real estate, or a move or you cut off a relative. Mercury will move in reverse in your family and home sector from the middle of September to early October, and you might face your biggest hindrances with your family or home at that time. You say things you don’t mean, you don’t communicate well, and almost everyone gets their emotions hurt. At home, you might have all sorts of little things go south, like a bug infestation or pipes bursting.

Mars is in your family and home sector starting from the middle of November to end the year, and you feel like spending increased time with your family, are eager to encourage them and support , and have plenty of zeal to do whatever they may need you to do.

Mental State

Mental State Jupiter enters Virgo in the middle of August, and will be in the region dominating your subconscious for the rest of the year. Jupiter’s presence here makes you positive and enables you to see the optimistic side of situations, and you’re also easier to talk with and to. Your mind can be useful this year, and you use it to get you out of messy situations. Mars is in this region late September to the middle of November, and you have a whole lot of mental energy, pursue mental projects, and are intrigued about the world. This could be a favourable time to go to back school and get knowledge about something fresh, with a solar eclipse taking place in this region in September.

Mars will be in the region dominating your subconscious mind from the middle of May through late June, and you can delve into your subconscious troubles, let go of what you don’t need, and achieve a greater understanding of your subconscious' intentions, likely because Mercury appears to move in reverse in this region from the middle of May to that of June, and you have subconscious obstacles arrive at the forefront, and you can’t get rid of them anymore. You have to concentrate on the subconscious weightage that you have, and work on releasing some of it to free you.


General I shall not lie; there are some messy times ahead of you in 2015, Cancer. First, Pluto stays in Capricorn, and in contrast to your sign, and those of you born between July 4th - 8th will experience it to the letter in 2015. You’ll fight over dominance with other people, engage in power struggles and feel that people are trying to dictate your every move, and feel that people are repeatedly posing as an obstacle to you everywhere you turn. This aspect exposes itself mostly externally, so the problems come from others, and you have to strengthen your bonds with others.

Uranus stays in Aries, and is at, to your sign; a harsh angle termed a square and those of you born between July 4th - 13th will experience it to the letter in 2015. You feel agitated and restless, bored with your life but not sure what to do, and when you go for making alterations, it ends up blowing up in your face because you couldn’t do enough research work beforehand. You struggle with yourself on the inside over the alterations you want to make, and you can feel that you’re not being honourable to yourself, and that the alterations that are required the most are within yourself. This can be a favourable time to break out of a pessimistic cycle or climb out of your hole, but it needs lots of effort.

Mercury will appear to move in reverse from the middle September to early October in Libra, which is again square your sign, and Cancers born until July 8th will experience it to the letter at some point during this retrograde, with those of you born between July 7th - 9th impacted by the beginning of this retrograde, and those of you born between June 22nd - 23rd impacted by the closure of this retrograde. You have trouble communicating properly and expressing yourself, you lack control and mental discipline, and you lash our tongue out at people over trivial struggles. Those of you born between July 4th - 8th, especially the 6th - 8th, have the most trying period this year, so be sure to stay prepared, and you try to work at making alterations in your life on your own tongue, and you do so carefully and thoughtfully.

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