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Valentine's Day Phrase Matching Game Puzzle

The beautiful festival of hearts, Valentine's Day, celebrates love in all its forms and encourages you to indulge in some festive merriment. Try our brand new quiz themed to Valentine's Day and put your knowledge about the occassion to best use. If you like cracking this cool Valentine's Day Matching Game Puzzle, click here and refer it to your pals. Wish you a happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Phrase Matching Game Puzzle Solutions

1) The month when Valentine's Day is observed
H. February.
2) The supposed profession of Saint Valentine
F. Priesthood.
3) Valentine's Day is also humorously called
J. "Singles Awareness Day."
4) As an item, the word "Valentine" refers to
G. Love Notes.
5) Saint Valentine was executed by this Roman emperor
I. Claudius II.
6) Valentine's Day is known in Finland as 'Ystavanpaiva' meaning
B. "Friend's Day".
7) The popular winged figure serving as a symbol of Valentine's Day
D. Cupid.
8) The relics of St. Valentine are at this place in Ireland
A. Dublin.
9) Before dying, St. Valentine sent a special message to
E. The daughter of a jailer.
10) He mentioned Valentine's Day in his 'Parlement of Foules'
C. Geoffrey Chaucer.

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