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Valentine Flower

This Valentine's flower is a nice simple craft that toddlers or preschool children will be able to make (if you cut out the pieces for them!).

Sometimes parents worry that their children's projects aren't turning out right... so I thought I'd include a photo of "the real thing" (see above), to reassure you that nothing's wrong with your toddler if their coloring is scribbly or their petals are a bit crooked. At age 2, Kaitlyn's flower wasn't perfect, but she sure had fun making it!

Flower Craft for Valentine's Day

Materials Needed:

  • Paper (I prefer construction paper as it's a bit sturdier)
  • Scissors
  • OPTIONAL : Crayons (or paint, markers, etc)
  • Ribbon.


Bring the paper first (may require adult assistance and can be done before hand.)

Cut out the four large hearts pieces.

Large heart piece one Large heart piece twoLarge heart piece threeLarge heart piece four

And then Cut out the rectangular stem and two smaller hearts pieces.

Rectangular StemSmaller heart piece oneSmaller heart piece two

Glue together the four large hearts to form a flower (the points should all face towards the middle of the flower). Glue the flower to the top of the rectangular stem and the smaller hearts to the bottom of the stem as leaves.

Alternative Decorating Ideas:

Use sparkles, sparkle glue, or felt to decorate the "flower".

Use a pipecleaner or popsicle stick instead of the printed rectangle template piece for a sturdier stem.

This craft has nice big pieces, so try using paint rather than crayons to colour in the template.

Print a Valentine's message onto a circle of white or yellow construction paper and paste it to the center of the flower. Give the flower to someone special instead of a Valentine's card (Grandma's love to get crafts!)

Grated chalk (take a piece of sidewalk or chalkboard chalk and rub it with course sandpaper to get chalk dust. Pour the dust over glue covered paper. Pink chalk would be nice.

Your beautiful Flower is ready for a proud display.

Flower Craft for Valentines Day

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