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Woven heart pouch and holder

It is a terrific gift for Valentine's day or for events like anniversary. We have used two colors, but it is also attractive if you use just one color card.

Woven heart pouch and holder

Materials Needed:

  • Card
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Shredded tissue
  • Paper
  • Chocolates, bonbon etc.


Measure and draw 23 X 15cm (9"X6") oblong shape on two different color pieces of card

1st step

Cut the oblongs.

2nd step

Fold each pieces of card in half widthways.

3rd step

Lay the twqo pieces of card together in an L-shape, with folded sides facing away from you, to form a square where they overlap, and lightlky mark in pencil the central point at the top edge where they meet.

4th step

Along one short edge of each peice of folded card, measure and mark in p[encil two equally spaced 11.5cm/41/2 in lines.

5th step

Cut along the marked lines throught both layers of card.

6th step

Mark smooth ends at each end of the uncut short side of each folded piece of card and cut off the corners to make thr rounded top edges of the heart.

7th step

Place the two pieces of the card side by side, with the folds at right angles to each other, and facing outwards. Weave the first strip from the right-hand piece over the nearest strip from the left-hand piece, through the second strip and over the third.

8th step

Weave the second strip in the same way as the first, alternating the over and under sequence. Weave the third strip in the same way as the first.

9th step

Turn the heart over and weave the strip on the underside in the same way to make a pouch shape at the top of the heart.

10th step

Dab a little glue under the ends of the strips and stick each one down.

11th step

Stick lengths of ribbon to the center back, and center fronth of the heart, on the inside.

12th step

Pack some shredded tissue paper into the heart before loosely filling with chocolates or whatever you please.

13th step

Tie the ribbons in a bow to close the packet, and hold the chocolates inside.

14th step

Your Magnificient heart pouch is ready for a proud display and presentation. If possible, present it on a plate. A nice way to offer your heart!

final step

Heart Pouch

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