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Sequined Scarf

Materials Needed:

  • Silk Chiffon - A 62" X 12" strip.
  • Matching sewing thread.
  • Beading needle.
  • Translucent blue cup sequins - 200, ranging from 5 - 8 mm diameter.
  • Blue metallic bugle beads - 1/4 oz (6 g).
  • A few 4 mm matte blue faceted glass beads.
  • A few 8 mm matte blue faceted glass beads.
  • A few 2 mm clear seed beads.
  • A few 2 mm clear blue seed beads.
  • A pair of scissors.

Trim the edges of the chiffon to give it a square appearance. Sew a hand-rolled hem onto the scraf in matching thread to give it a neat look. Thread the beading needle with matching thread. Fix this at the lower part of the scarf, about 1/3" from the long edge. Next, you have to add the beads. Bring the thread-filled needle to the proper side, pass through a bugle bead and take back to the wrong side. Bring the needle out again 1/4" away and parallel to the long edge. Pass through another bead. Repeat the process again and again to have bugle beads in an 8" long line. Hold all the beads firmly in place with a double stitch.

create Sequined Scarf for valentines day

Stitch a line of beads, 12 clear seed beads followed by a few 4 mm faceted glass beads with some 8 mm faceted glass beads coming after with blue seed beads on either side, parallel to the bugle beads and about 3/4" away. Repeat the arrangement and finish off. Stitch about 8 seed beads for the third row, spaced as earlier. Next, add a variety of sequins keeping seed beads in the middle of each. Raise the needle through the hole at the centre of the sequin. Sew a seed bead and take the needle back to the wrong side through the hole. Starting at different distances from the end, continue sewing beads in lines of varying lengths across the short end of the scarf. Repeat Step 2 and Step 4 to decorate the other end of the scarf in the similar manner thus also securing each row. Ensure that the two ends are decorated the similar way.

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