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1st Love Letter For Him

The Love Letter for Him - 1

Dearest ________,

I am not sure if you would believe me but you are always on my mind. Whether I am alone or with others, you always keep coming into my thoughts. Is this what they call love? I do not remember if you ever asked me why exactly I love you. Even if you do, I would not be able to come up with an answer. Does love have a reason?

I guess I love you because I like you so much. What is it I find attractive about you? Is it your deep eyes, your smile, your youthful charm, your simplicity or your tenderness? All those are priceless to me. Do not ask me why. Explaining to you would be impossible.

Every day, I wake up with a longing to see your face, a yearning to spend some time with you. And how my heart skips (a beat )when my eyes finally get a chance to rest on you. It seems like the hours of waiting had been a truly rewarding experience.

And when you talk in your charming way, I lose myself in your words. I wish I could converse with you all day long, listen to you and look into your eyes - the most amazing things on the planet. That would be pure heaven for me!

I guess you would not dishearten me and be my sweet valentine? Nothing will please me better than be in your company for some time on Valentines Day, and afterwards.

With all my heart, I wish you a happy Valentines Day, my darling!

Love you always,

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