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2nd Love Letter For Him

The Love Letter for Him - 2

My Special Man,

It is February again and I am eager than ever for your sweet company. Each passing hour makes me even more excited as I anticipate the few hours of unbridled joy with you on Valentine's Day.

My special man. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? You are indeed special to me, the man of my dreams whom I always waited for. The man whom I can love to my hearts content, ask for anything I want, bully him, yet be pampered by him, caressed by him and loved by him.

Love, truly, is a wonderful feeling. It is totally different from any other known feeling and is also the best feeling one can have. I was deprived of this pleasure till you walked into my life and handed me the nectar that I had always been waiting to drink. And now, there is not one moment that I do not think of our love or about you. Isn't it strange? It is not for long that I have known you. And yet, not a day passes when I do not think about you. All my thoughts and actions center around you.

Could you delve into my heart, you might have understood how much I treasure your love. It is something priceless for me that I am not ready to share with anyone. I feel jealous when others talk about you or even praise you. You are only for me, as I am for you.

I like the way you talk, your brilliant sense of humor and your fearless ways to life. I know I will always be safe with you. I trust you.

I love you sweetheart, with all my heart. Please, never leave me alone. I long to meet you, to get crushed in your arms and to be loved by you. My head craves for the warmth of your chest and shoulders. I want to take life's path together, with you. Let this Valentine's Day mark the beginning of this journey.

I wait for you to be my Valentine.

Your crazed one.......