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3rd Love Letter For Her

The Love Letter for Her - 3

Loveliest ________,

Whoever said love brings pain was right. Every moment that I stay away from you makes me ache for your company. But if the pain is so sweet and for such a sweet one, who would not fall in love with you?

I cannot help but be amused at the way some of my friends are trying to look and behave their best on Valentine's Day. Watching them, my mind wanders back to that fond hour when I met you. I still do not know if you fell in love with me right then or gave me your precious heart afterwards. But you loved me for what I am and that is something I found really special about you as I still do.

I gave you my heart right away when I saw you for the first time. When you saw me with your lovely oceanic eyes, when your pretty head slanted a bit to the right with your stunning hair cascading down your shoulder, when your sweet red lips parted and your pearlies showed as you smiled at me...I felt a sudden rush of blood into my heart. It was a vague feeling at first that soon turned into a solid realization. Yes, I was in love with you. I had found my special one.

Each passing day brought us closer and now I cannot imagine a life without you. Looking at you, talking with you, walking with you...every moment that I spend with you seems too good to be true. Sometimes I wonder if all my hours with you are parts of some dream. Can a dream be so sweet and beautiful? Can it bring one so much joy and satisfaction? If it can indeed, let me sleep always.

I long to hold your hand. I yearn for the warmth of your palm in mine. Promise me that you will not refuse me your company ever? Assure me that you will be my loving valentine on this Valentine's Day and for ever?

Wishing a happy Valentine's Day to the love of my life.

Yours romantically,

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