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4th Love Letter For Her

The Love Letter for Her

Adorable love,

I had a splendid dream last night. I feel you are the only person whom I can share this with, because it concerns only the two of us.

Curious? Well, let me recount it from the beginning. As usual, I went to bed at night thinking of you and could fall asleep only when my poor imagination could serve up no more fantasies about you to satisfy my pining heart.

In my dream, I found myself alone on a desert. There was not a soul anywhere and I realized to my horror that I had only myself for company. As I walked on the hot sands under a glowing sun, I felt its piercing rays slowly burning my flesh. I could hardly look ahead what with the bright rays of the sun and the reflected light on the yellow sands almost blinding my eyes. Using my own hands as a shield, I looked around for some respite when suddenly I felt someone embrace me from behind. I turned around and to my amazement, found you smiling in my real as I see you in my waking hours. There were your beautiful, expressive eyes looking at me; your snow white pearlies sparkling between your red-as-cherry lips, your soft hands resting on my shoulders and your dense hair making me as mad as ever.

Immediately all that had been torturing me had vanished and I was left alone with you in a scenic garden with a beautiful brook flowing nearby, some lovely birds chirping from their seats among bright green foliage and butterflies hovering merrily around. I was about to shout with joy when my eyes opened and I saw myself staring at the early morning light.

Life is so painful without you. Can you not attend to this poor soul with some of your precious hours? It is your company that I ask for. Valentine's Day gives us a perfect excuse to spend sometime together. Promise that you will be my valentine on 14th evening and many more evenings to come.

Waiting with romantic anticipation,

Your ___________.
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