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5th General Love Letter

General Love Letter - 5

Dearest Darling,

Know what? Something magical has happened to me lately. It is as if I am under some spell. How else can you define that my eyes see you, only you, wherever they move? Even as I write to you, it is your sweet countenance that I write upon. Is falling in love so detrimental to one's vision? Or have I gone crazy in your love?

Ever since you came into it, my life has been much like a fairytale. With you around everything seems so perfect, so nice and enchanting. You are there in every waking moment of mine and even in my dreams, where I kiss your lips a thousand times. Moments with you are the only ones when I feel truly alive. I wish that I may live for ever in such rare moments...where there is none but us...where time has no boundary...where the only thing strictly prohibited is trespassing into reality.

Pardon me if you find me getting too dreamy, but can I help it when you are always on my mind? How can I hold my poor heart from loving you, my hapless soul from craving you, my wretched mind from thinking of you? And that it is February, makes matters worse. Love is what the heart desires on Valentine's Day. A warm hug, a loving touch and a passionate kiss of a special someone seem to be the only requirements at this time. There is something in the air, the season, that screams that hallowed word...'LOVE'.

Say that you will be my valentine...on this Valentine's Day and evermore?

Lovingly yours,

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