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8th General Love Letter

General Love Letter - 8

Loveliest ______,

Is it the season of romance that makes me so lovesick and so desirous of being with you?

Till you came, I did not think too highly of love. February was just another month for me and Valentine's Day just another occasion to celebrate. I hardly understood the spirit of the day. I always believed that true love happens in fairy tales. That was until I met you.

I could barely recognize my feelings when I first ran into you. A tinge of sadness, a little pain was all that I felt when we parted. I kept thinking about you, and only about you. And I longed to meet you again.

And when we indeed did meet again, it produced an ineffable joy in me. I found it impossible to share my feelings about you, but my heart slowly did inform me that I had fallen in love after all. My feelings for you began to envelop all my senses and thoughts till you were there wherever I saw. I felt what love hurts like as my heart ached for you. All I looked forward to was to meet you, to see your sweet face, to listen to you and to hold your hand and take a stroll, listening to you all the while. I wanted to tell you how madly I was in love with you, that life did not seem worth living without you.

And when you reciprocated my affections, my joy knew no bounds. I was so thankful to God that He had our paths crossed, that He had such a wonderful feeling in store for me.

I love you darling, and this is the biggest truth I know at the moment. My friends say that love grows with time. I do not know what my feelings for you will generate if it at all has room to grow. I feel so complete and so satisfied in your love. For me, this is universe, this is heaven.

I feel you with me all the time. Yet I miss you so much. When am I going to see you again? I just need you with me, stay with me and keep loving me.

Let my letter bridge the gap and unite us in an embrace, even if it's virtual.

Miss you so much.

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