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Chinese Zodiac: Dog

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Loyal and honest, you work well with others. You are generous yet stubborn, and often selfish. Look to the Horse or Tiger. And watch out for Dragons.

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Check love compatibility of Chinese Zodiac With Dog

dog & dog
Dog & Dog
The couple with kind hearts always is invincible. Admiration and love are two hallmarks of this relationship. It takes a bit of time for both of them to get along. But even if it takes some time but when they start to understand each other then their chemistry is charming. Long term commitment with lot of endurance makes the relationship beautiful. The captivating relationship is not monotonous. It will not be a problem to find out an interesting thing or activity which can always help you to keep smiling together. The bonding between both of you is strong for your trustworthiness. 
dog & horse
Dog & Horse
The smart and ardent couple is very practical with their approach. They are keen to make a nice and pleasing relationship. The steadfast and reliable horse likes to settle down with accommodating and patient dog. You are the soul mates. Trust your partner and believe in your relationship.   Top
dog & monkey
Dog & Monkey
The couple is made in heaven. Many of their friends are jealous because of the co-operation between the monkey and dog. The genial dog likes to accompany his/her partner monkey in every ups and downs of life. The dog appreciates the cunning nature of the monkey. Some common interests along with their friends make their support systems. They love and raise their kids affectionately. Relax, sit together and enjoy the funny and captivating roller coaster ride. The stability of the relationship will always be an assurance for you.   Top
dog & sheep
Dog & Sheep
They are quite different with their personality traits but both of them love synchronization. It is difficult for a sheep to take quick decision. So, he/she roams around a problem whereas the dog is steadfast and achieves the goal steadily. The sheep gets worried in everything and depression can be a drawback for the dog. Concentrate on your partner and relationship. That will help you to make a charming relationship in the long run. It is quite difficult to maintain the harmony without an extra effort.   Top
dog & tiger
Dog & Tiger
The extroverted and energized Tiger is a perfect complement to the shy but hard-working Dog. Together, they are caught up in the excitement of living and helping others less fortunate then they are. It is common for couples born under this signs to open their arms wide and becomes foster or adoptive parents to many children .if this is you: you two will always have a lot of cheer, a lot of laughs, and a lot of love- enjoy!   Top
dog & pig
Dog & Pig
The lavish pig is not a good match with the conformist Dog. The Dog wants to save money and is always frugal and economical. The Dog wants his/her partner to change a bit and spend money according to their needs but the Pig never likes to change on anyone else’s recommendation. The pig is not happy for the prudishness of Dog in bed and it becomes a huge problem eventually. This couple has to work really hard to maintain the harmony. If things don’t work according to your expectations then it is better to think twice before you decide for a long term relationship.   Top
dog & rat
Dog & Rat
The problem is the boredom. A feeling of boredom is a must in this relationship as long as both of them can not reinvent themselves and the relationship. Try and get to know the new aspects of the relationship and life. A rat and a dog both are very hard working but like to stay back at home always. To add up some spice in life it is mandatory to go out and have fun together. There is no dearth of fondness and warmth in the relationship.   Top
dog & rabbit
Dog & Rabbit
Both of them make a nice couple. Steadfast and dedicated couple likes to make this world a better place to live. Their commitments are unquestionable. Their stability helps them to get along with each other effortlessly. Every other couple has something to learn from you. The lively couple always has something to cheer about in life.   Top
dog & snake
Dog & Snake
The couple has a lot of common traits but it doesn’t ensure a charming relationship. The smart couple likes to enjoy with family and close friends. Ambitious couple resists changes. Even though there is an initial attraction but later the relationship will be monotonous and lackluster. If you are really serious and want to get along with your partner then seek counseling.   Top
dog & rooster
Dog & Rooster
Both of their attitudes are quite different. The mood of a Dog changes quite often and the Rooster doesn’t like that. The go getter attitude of a Rooster always irritates the Dog. Basically the Dog is calm and quiet and likes his/her partner to accompany him/her always but gently while the Rooster wants to change the Dog’s thoughts. The relationship is not in shape and both of you would do the best not to show that in public but most often than not you are unsuccessful. It is not expected to understand each other from the very beginning of a relationship but it is very important to try and understand each other gradually.   Top
dog & ox
Dog & Ox
Two sides can get along if both of them put some effort to make the relationship successful. The naive and youthful dog may find an ox interfering in his/her affairs, at the same time an Ox may find a dog too much affable and outgoing. There is no tough and unreachable objective if they both work together with their collective energies. Think about each other and work in co-ordination to accomplish something. Adjustment is one of the most important aspects of this relationship.  Top
dog & dragon
Dog & Dragon
This is not at all a good match. If signs of you and your partner are Dragon and dog then be prepared to work hard on this relationship. The dragon becomes domineering for an unruffled and quiet dog. The dog doesn’t deserve the treatment that he/she gets from his/her partner. A dragon thinks that he is superior and definitely it gravels the dog. You can’t ignore the issues. It is prudent and wise to solve your problems quickly, otherwise it will be severe.   Top
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