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Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit

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Luckiest of all signs, you are also talented and articulate. Affectionate, yet shy, you seek peace throughout your life. So marry a Sheep or a Boar. Your opposite is the Rooster. You should avoid other Boars. Marry a Rabbit or a Sheep

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Check love compatibility of Chinese Zodiac With Rabbit

dog & dog
Rabbit & Dog
Both of them make a nice couple. Steadfast and dedicated couple likes to make this world a better place to live. Their commitments are unquestionable. Their stability helps them to get along with each other effortlessly. Every other couple has something to learn from you. The lively couple always has something to cheer about in life.    Top
dog & horse
Rabbit & Horse
The wild and audacious horse doesn’t give it a second thought after he/she decides to do something. A rabbit doesn’t like to take any chance. It is hard for the rabbit to resist the extravagant and fast moving nature of the horse. Rabbit feels that the relationship is very messy and untidy. A lot of love and outsider help are necessary to make the relationship work just fine.    Top
dog & monkey
Rabbit & Monkey
Disagreements are on the cards in this relationship. It is a very tough job for a rabbit to deal with the trickeries of a monkey. At the same time the monkey is not very happy because his/her partner is far-sighted. Trivial problems can lead to a big discrepancy. It is important for both of them to get a bit more forbearing.   Top
dog & sheep
Rabbit & Sheep
The couple never forgets to appreciate the nature’s blessings and beauty. They approach their lives with an intention to make a blissful family with children. Empathetic couple thinks alike and has a lot of affection for each other. Their intention is always constructive. They want to make a flowery world where each and everyone can get what he/she deserves. They are soul mates.   Top
dog & tiger
Rabbit & Tiger
Aggressive and impulsive tigers don’t like the submissive nature of a rabbit. Tiger always push a rabbit to work harder. The rabbit crawls if the tiger wants the rabbit to do something with a howl. The rabbit always avoids arguments and confrontations. Things are not very easy and effortless in this relationship. You have to work really hard to make it work but never forget to question yourself about the worthiness of the relationship.  Top
dog & pig
Rabbit & Pig
The munificent pig loves the selfless and friendly rabbit a lot. They both can complement each other nicely. The wise couple understands the importance of a happy family and likes to offer their children the best things of the world. Both of them are social and out going. They are quite good at setting the priorities of their lives and work in concert. Enjoy the life to the fullest. Top
dog & rat
Rabbit & Rat
Even though both of them are very good friends and strategic business partners but the self-absorbed nature is the main obstacle. They understand everything but romance. The overbearing and aloof nature of the rat is disliked by the rabbit and on the other hand the rat thinks that his/her partner is not interested in him/her. Both of you have to understand the good qualities and weaknesses of each other. The rat should be a bit polite and should take life lightly while the dormant attitude of the rabbit is a weakness of rabbit. Top
dog & rabbit
Rabbit & Rabbit
The quiet and obstinate ox doesn’t like the soft and gentle nature of a rabbit. An easy going rabbit likes a passionate relationship but the contradicting character of an ox is a setback. The rabbit has to put in some extra effort the make the relationship attuned. The rabbit doesn’t want to go into the deep of a quandary; rather he/she is comfortable to run away from stressful conditions. If the intention is to stay together for a long time then the best possible option for both of you is to seek a professional assistance if required. Top
dog & snake
Rabbit & Snake
The couple will face ample of ups and downs in the relationship. Snake doesn’t like to help rabbit in household works. The snake doesn’t bother to buy his/her partner a gift or doesn’t realize the importance to appreciate his/her partner. It seems that the burden of the relationship is on the shoulders of the rabbit. But an open communication is a must in this relationship. Don’t be hypercritical ever. Top
dog & rooster
Rabbit & Rooster
The relation proves once again that the opposite poles not always attract each other. The fault-finding prig doesn’t like the sensitive nature of the rabbit. The rabbit plans analytically and works according to his plans but the rooster is rather reactive which is not liked by the rabbit. Both have to work in a tandem to make the other partner happy. If the relationship is not working fine then it’s better to move out of it and search for a better match.    Top
dog & ox
Rabbit & Ox
The silent and stubborn Ox irritates the Rabbit's gentle nature. The Rabbit wants a relationship to be easy but the Ox 's behavior cause friction. That means the Rabbit has to work very hard to make the relationship compatible. The Rabbit's nature is to run from distressing situations rather then to work through them. If this is you: You will probably need outside help if you two plan on making this last for the long haul.   Top
dog & dragon
Rabbit & Dragon
All the ingredients are available in proper quantity to make a tasty food item. But adjustment is the key in this relationship and they don’t mind to co-operate with each other. The overbearing and modesty of a Dragon is pathetic at times but the charming rabbit has the innate ability to address the problem. Rabbit never likes to keep a predicament alive for long time; rather rabbit is quick to react to it and tries hard to solve that as soon as possible. The understanding nature of a rabbit helps him/her to comprehend the Dragon’s personality traits. But in case if one of you face any trouble to communicate with your partner then just relax and give yourself some time to realize the root of the problem and understand the point of view of your partner. Top
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