Chinese Zodiac: Monkey
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Chinese Zodiac: Monkey

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You are very intelligent and are able to influence people. An enthusiastic achiever,
you are easily discouraged and confused. Avoid the Tigers. Seek a Dragon or Rat

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Check love compatibility of Chinese Zodiac With Monkey

dog & dog
Monkey & Dog
The couple is made in heaven. The co-operation between the monkey and dog will surely be envious to many of their friends. The genial dog likes to accompany his/her partner monkey in every ups and downs of life. The dog appreciates the cunning nature of the monkey. Some common interests along with their friends make their support systems. They love and raise their kids affectionately. Relax, sit together and enjoy the funny and captivating roller coaster ride. The stability of the relationship will always be an assurance for you.   Top
dog & horse
Monkey & Horse
Mutual respect and appreciation are always there in the relationship. A common goal is achieved very quickly and promptly if the witted horse and intellectual monkey are together. They have an innate capability to manage critical issues smartly. They both are selfish to some extent. The relationship will face a lot of troubles but everything will be alright at the end of the day. Communicate properly and you can resolve your dissimilarities.  Top
dog & monkey
Monkey & Monkey
Calm and cool couple is audacious and takes life lightly. They are hard working individuals and are not afraid of toiling hard from the early morning to the late hours of night. They hardly listen to each other. But the chemistry between them makes them a blissful couple. Communicate and enjoy the fruits of the communication in the long run.   Top
dog & sheep
Monkey & Sheep
Business minded monkey is poles apart from the sheep with their personality traits. Highly emotional and sluggish sheep is inundated by the courage and wit of his/her partner. The monkey is more concerned with money and business affairs. The sheep doesn’t understand much about the trickeries of monkey. Simple and artistic sheep works hard to maintain the harmony. Be prepared to travel an extra mile for a loving relationship. Try to adjust with each other and accept your partner’s shortcoming with a smile.   Top
dog & tiger
Monkey & Tiger
Characters of a tiger and a monkey are poles apart. A tiger believes in displaying his paramount strength and vigor while a monkey is more comfortable to accomplish the target by deception. Both of them are ambitious and they indulge in a competition with each other. Strain and stress will always be there in the relationship if you don’t work together to achieve the peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to ask for a help from an outsider if needed.    Top
dog & pig
Monkey & Pig
The monkey is a clever idea generator, if put into practice, then that can engender loads of money. The pig has the cash to support and involve into the business affairs with the monkey. Both of them love to earn with best of their abilities and pains. The extravagant monkey can put aside the glitches and get along with his/her partner effortlessly. Trifling problem and trivial differences don’t bother them much. Fun loving and amicable couple, who earns loads of bucks, have nothing else to ask from life.  Top
dog & rat
Monkey & Rat
The brave and clever pair of rat and monkey can match each other quite well. The couple can overcome any problem if both of them can stay together. Secretive rat and outspoken monkey have a mutual respect for each other. Even though monkeys are calculative and take life very seriously but rats are not complaining about the nature of monkeys. A rat can fiddle with the monkey without animosity. Top
dog & rabbit
Monkey & Rabbit
Disagreements are on the cards in this relationship. It is a very tough job for a rabbit to deal with the trickeries of a monkey. At the same time the monkey is not very happy because his/her partner is far-sighted. Trivial problems can lead to a big discrepancy. It is important for both of them to get a bit more forbearing.  Top
dog & snake
Monkey & Snake
The snake is not relaxed with the clever monkey whereas the monkey doesn’t trust the quiet snake. Trustworthiness and reliabilities are missing. This definitely becomes a big problem gradually. As long as you both don’t understand the essence of cooperation, you will not enjoy the charm of your relationship. Top
dog & rooster
Monkey & Rooster
The fervent monkey cares and manages crabby rooster very well. The monkey is not meticulous about trivial aspects of his/her partner and life. The monkey is rather concerned more about the bigger picture of future days. The monkey doesn’t complaint much about his/her life while the rooster always tries to take the lesson from his/her past mistakes. The basic difference between them is their concept about life. The rooster always strives for the betterment walking through the long road of success whereas the monkey cunningly goes for the shortcuts. The bond is so strong that they never feel bad or regret about the shortfalls of the relationship.   Top
dog & ox
Monkey & Ox
A witty and sociable monkey is definitely not a good match with a mulish and slothful ox. A monkey is too fast and droll for an ox. The best way to be happy in this relationship is to accept each other’s personal traits gleefully and if you try to change the intrinsic characters of each other then it will be a severe problem for you. Don’t think twice before taking a professional help.   Top
dog & dragon
Monkey & Dragon
The witty and clever couple can be successful if they can work for a common goal. The dragon loves the uncontrollable nature of the monkey while the monkey is attracted towards the Dragon for his/her positive approach to life. If they understand and decide to follow a scheme together then there is no one who can force them to budge an inch from it. Making money and working hard in life are not bad but if you forget to make love at the end of the day then there will always be some unhappiness in your relationship. So, understand the passion between you and try to be romantic with your partner.  Top
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