Chinese Zodiacs: Pig
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Chinese Zodiac: Pig

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Nobel and chivalrous. Your friends will be life long, yet you are prone to marital strife. You should avoid other Boars. Marry a Rabbit or a Sheep

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Check love compatibility of Chinese Zodiac With Pig

dog & dog
Pig & Dog
The Pig wants to play, but the dog wants to work . The Dog may find the Pig's jocular attitude annoying . The playful Pig may feel that the frugal Dog is too uptight. If this is you : With mutual respect and a common goal you two can get along -but it will take hard work to make it happen.    Top
dog & horse
Pig & Horse
The Horse is quick - the Pig is less so. yet these two can form a compatible union -perhaps without as much passion as with their pairings. If this is you : As long as the Horse can understand the passive nature of the Pig and the Pig does not try to rein the Horse in , you two can get along very well.  Top
dog & monkey
Pig & Monkey
The Monkey can run rings around the slow moving Pig, and the Pig does not appreciate it. The pig admires the cleaver Monkey, but the Monkey's trickery pricks the honest Pig's conscience . The Monkey does not like the Pig's spending habits, which can lead to trouble. If this is you : You have both got to learn to communicate openly about what your central priorities are. Once you do, you can decide whether compromising in an option or if you should go your separate ways.   Top
dog & sheep
Pig & Sheep
The arguments may be more indulgent then the Sheep and the Sheep may be less focused then the Pig, but they both want the same thing: a solid agreeable union. The flighty Sheep is kept on track by the more practical Pig and together they can build a sizable bank account. They look forward to an empty nest so they can see the world .If this is you : You have a lot of fun together -at home and while traveling.  Top
dog & tiger
Pig & Tiger
The pig treasures the Tiger's passion, and the Tiger love the Pig's popularity. They work like a well oiled machine, putting ideas into motion and amassing a fortune, which they gladly share. The biggest problem this pair faces is not being able to say no or to slow down. The indulgence of the Pig and the zeal of the Tiger can work to their benefit or detriment. If this is you : You two have it made -so slow down and enjoy each other. You will miss out on more than you bargain for if you do not commit to spending quality time together.   Top
dog & pig
Pig & Pig
Some people born under the same sign get along famously , like two dogs. Two Pigs like to indulge and they want the same things out of life. they have much in common. The problem comes when bad traits interfere with their smooth flowing relationship. In the long run , Pigs tend to get on each other's nerves and need to rise above the pettiness to prosper as acouple. If this is you : Try not to sweat the small stuff- instead focus on the big picture which is a romantic and caring relationship.  Top
dog & rat
Pig & Rat
The cleaver Rat and the industrious Pig make a terrific partnership for business and an amicable romantic pair. The Rat needs affection , which the Pig is willing to provide. In fact this neediness on the Rat's part meshes perfectly with the Pig's desire to embrace others. Their initial passion will simmer down to a steady bubbling devotion . If this is you : You are both certain to be content in this pair.  Top
dog & rabbit
Pig & Rabbit
The arguments between these two optimists will be few and far between. They both strive for harmony , they both want world peace , and they are both flexible. Neither is driven to succeed and neither wants to be in the spotlight. This loving pair make excellent parents and they will open their home to friends and  strangers alike. If this is you : Everyone envies your peaceful coexistence . Enjoy the tranquility and each other. Top
dog & snake
Pig & Snake
The Snake is directly opposites the Pig is in the Chinese Zodiac , so it is no wonder that they do not see eye to eye. The Pig doest not trust the secretive Snake and the Snake abhors the Pig's extravagance. Both are prone to negativity which sends them into a downward spiral when they are together. If this is you : You both need to keep in mind that life is too short to be unhappy. But if you are really  committed to making this relationship work, make sure you get outside help. Top
dog & rooster
Pig & Rooster
The thick skinned Pig is not belittled by the Rooster, nor does the Pig get involved in the Rooster's bragging , which preserves the relationship. Pigs are master of  non confrontation and will say" Yes dear, " and then do whatever they want. The rooster appreciates the Pig's perseverance and wide circle of friends. If this is you : You two will prosper together.    Top
dog & ox
Pig & Ox
Once again, The Ox dominates the union, which causes the good natured Pig some discomfort. Both are honest and simple, which works to their favor. if the Ox can the rules a bit and allow the Pig some space, these two can make a go of it .If this is you : You two are not the best or the worst of pairs - you are rather ho-hum.   Top
dog & dragon
Pig & Dragon
The flashy , impetuous, Dragon may be too overbearing for the unobtrusive Pig, who prefers a quite , ordered life. The dragon has a giant ego and always needs to be right. While this does not bother the Pig, it does get to be  a drag. Problems arise when the Pig begins to indulge and the Dragons frowns upon it . If there is an abundance of love and respect these small glitches can be worked out. If this is you : Tolerance is the buzz word that makes this union work. Find the middle road through compromise and life will flow more smoothly.  Top
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