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Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

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You are eccentric and your life is complex. You have a very passionate nature and abundant health. Marry a Monkey or Rat late in life. Avoid the Dog.

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Check love compatibility of Chinese Zodiac With Dragon

dog & dog
Dragon & Dog
This is not at all a good match. If signs of you and your partner are Dragon and dog then be prepared to work hard on this relationship. The dragon becomes domineering for an unruffled and quiet dog. The dog doesn’t deserve the treatment that he/she gets from his/her partner. A dragon thinks that he is superior and definitely it gravels the dog. You can’t ignore the issues. It is prudent and wise to solve your problems quickly, otherwise it will be severe.
dog & horse
Dragon & Horse
The passionate couple adorns their relationship with love and affection. Both are leaders and both of them respect each other as long as both of them understand their boundaries. The independent horse and the ambitious Dragon make a compatible pair. Both of you can achieve something special in life if you can compassionately work together.  Top
dog & monkey
Dragon & Monkey
The witty and clever couple can be successful if they can work for a common goal. The dragon loves the uncontrollable nature of the monkey while the monkey is attracted towards the Dragon for his/her positive approach to life. If they understand and decide to follow a scheme together then there is no one who can force them to budge an inch from it. Making money and working hard in life are not bad but if you forget to make love at the end of the day then there will always be some unhappiness in your relationship. So, understand the passion between you and try to be romantic with your partner.   Top
dog & sheep
Dragon & Sheep
The dragon is protective towards the sheep and the sheep is quite liberal. The home sick sheep doesn’t mind if the dragon craves for some excitements in life. Both of them respect each other’s individual traits. It is important to be satisfied and contented with each other if you really want to make a pleasing relationship. Accept the individuality and respect your partner in spite of the differences. Don’t ever forget to offer some space to your partner to maintain the integrity of the relationship.   Top
dog & tiger
Dragon & Tiger
Vibrant, lively and ostentatious couple is social and animated. The dragon needs to be in control and it is a fact that the tiger never wants to take the back seat. They look really beautiful together in public though. Try to compromise and be honest in the relationship. There is no substitute of communication. Always try to communicate with each other and spend time together.   Top
dog & pig
Dragon & Pig
At times the Dragon gets too pompous for the pig due to the pig’s conventional and concerned attitude. A Dragon always feels that he is right and it becomes a bother ness for the pig after a while. Remember the good times that you have spent together and forget the conflicts. Don’t try to judge or evaluate your partner before you step into his/her shoes. It’s not a bad idea if you seek an outside help to make a committed and loving relationship.   Top
dog & rat
Dragon & Rat
This is one of the loving and lively pairs in Chinese zodiacs. The understanding individuals always like to stand beside each other. Brawny dragon loves the intellectual rat a lot. Both of them are kindhearted. Rat knows how to love his/her partner whereas the Dragon is proactive in protecting his/her family members. It is very important not to push a small issue and always try to be patient. Take care of your partner always and believe in contentment.  Top
dog & rabbit
Dragon & Rabbit
The rabbit appreciates the leadership quality of the rabbit. The dragon loves the empathetic nature of a Rabbit. The rabbit never tries to judge the dragon while the dragon is crabby and complaining about anything. But if you are a dragon, then it is necessary to control your emotions. The Rabbit hates the criticizing nature of a Dragon. Always enjoy each other’s lively and loving nature and communicate appropriately.   Top
dog & snake
Dragon & Snake
The highly ambitions Dragon is the soul mate of the Snake. None of them is emotional and sensitive. Both of them understand the seriousness of life. Intelligent couple can work for a common goal and successfully achieve their targets. The compatible couple can compliment each other very well. There is no dearth of romanticism in their charming relationship. Enjoy each other and don’t give the importance to little issues of the relationship.  Top
dog & rooster
Dragon & Rooster
Mutual respect is the key of this relationship. The rooster should not pinch his/her partner for little and trivial things and in return the Dragon should soften his/her ego. Both of them believe in achievements and reverence. Both of you have everything to make a long lasting relationship. Concentrate on the positive persona of your partner, and don’t give much importance to the weaknesses of your partner.   Top
dog & ox
Dragon & Ox
Both of them thrive for more and more power. Even though they want to make a wonderful relationship but promises and verbal communication can break down when they are emotional. The dragon is obstinate but the ox is dynamic and assertive. At times the ox can hold back but his/her partner will not walk on the same path. Both them know that the emotional balance and the integrity of the relationship will not be maintained always. If you communicate properly then you both are inexorable. If needed then get yourselves a professional help to maintain the balance of your relationship.   Top
dog & dragon
Dragon & Dragon
The couple is really powerful. Both of them want to keep the world under control and they are capable of doing that as well. The convincing nature of the couple is really appreciable. Their approach to life is very fast. They are excessively agitated at times. Take sometime off to look at your partner and understand what he/she wants from you. Spend some quality time together sitting quietly in a calm and pleasant environment. Try to balance your working life and personal life.   Top
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