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Chinese Zodiac: Rooster

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Loyal and honest, you work well with others. You are generous yet stubborn, and often selfish. Look to the Horse or Tiger. And watch out for Dragons.

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Check love compatibility of Chinese Zodiac With Rooster

dog & dog
Rooster & Dog
Both of their attitudes are quite different. The mood of a Dog changes quite often and the Rooster doesn’t like that. The go getter attitude of a Rooster always irritates the Dog. Basically the Dog is calm and quiet and likes his/her partner to accompany him/her always but gently while the Rooster wants to change the Dog’s thoughts. The relationship is not in shape and both of you would do the best not to show that in public but most often than not you are unsuccessful. It is not expected to understand each other from the very beginning of a relationship but it is very important to try and understand each other gradually. Top
dog & horse
Rooster & Horse
Both of them want to be in charge always. Even though the horse doesn’t like to be criticized but his/her partner is always serious and critical. The horse always tries to run with a brisk pace and it is rabbit’s responsibility to catch his/her partner. Don’t keep grudges. Live life happily and learn how to compromise to make a long term commitment.   Top
dog & monkey
Rooster & Monkey
The fervent monkey cares and manages crabby rooster very well. The monkey is not meticulous about trivial aspects of his/her partner and life. The monkey is rather concerned more about the bigger picture of future days. The monkey doesn’t complaint much about his/her life while the rooster always tries to take the lesson from his/her past mistakes. The basic difference between them is their concept about life. The rooster always strives for the betterment walking through the long road of success whereas the monkey cunningly goes for the shortcuts. The bond is so strong that they never feel bad or regret about the shortfalls of the relationship.    Top
dog & sheep
Rooster & Sheep
The rooster wants to show himself/herself as a disciplined manager. The rooster wants sheep to work according to his/her directions and rooster doesn’t like the sheep to intervene in any of his activities. It is very difficult for the sheep to fiddle with the constant needling of the rooster. The rooster thinks that the sheep is not very keen in the relationship due to the sheep’s wishy-washy attitude. The chemistry between them is really awful. If the rooster doesn’t cut down his/her ascendancy then they will not be able to see the good time ever.   Top
dog & tiger
Rooster & Tiger
They both admire each other. They are not afraid of controversies. So, they can live life to the fullest. The aggressive and diplomatic tiger admires and appreciates rooster’s enthusiasm and his/her approach to life. The sociable rooster always likes to accompany his/her debonair partner. Communicate with your partner even if the problem is petty and trivial. Try to live your life blissfully.   Top
dog & pig
Rooster & Pig
The co-operative pig is generous. The pig allows his/her partner to do well and he/she never creates a barrier for his/her partner in life. They appreciate and value each other’s emotion. The pig is determined and indomitable to achieve his/her goals whereas the Rooster is haughty. Instead of these little differences, they can get along very well as long as they can comprehend and respect each other. Both of you can argue with each other often but that will not harm your relationship. If you feel bad about anything, don’t ever think twice before you apologize. A kiss and passionate love can always help you to keep the love strong between you.  Top
dog & rat
Rooster & Rat
Instead of being affectionate and considerate, a rooster wants to figure out faults of his/her partner. Taking care of family becomes an issue for the rooster. To continue the relationship nicely just a bit of compromise and adjustments are needed. A rat has to be a bit considerate and the rooster has to hold his/her nerves and control his/her emotion.  Top
dog & rabbit
Rooster & Rabbit
The relation proves once again that the opposite poles not always attract each other. The fault-finding prig doesn’t like the sensitive nature of the rabbit. The rabbit plans analytically and works according to his plans but the rooster is rather reactive which is not liked by the rabbit. Both have to work in a tandem to make the each other happy. If the relationship is not working fine then it’s better to move out of it and search for a better match.  Top
dog & snake
Rooster & Snake
Competitive couple knows each other very well. The rooster knows how to bring out the best in the snake and make use of the snake’s talent. Rooster doesn’t even bother about what is on the snake’s mind. It is important for the rooster to control his/her emotion and anger. Extrovert couple works towards a common goal. Making money is important but it is also important to be passionate in the relationship.  Top
dog & rooster
Rooster & Rooster
The couple squabbles on petty and trivial points. Two exciting personalities try to run the show on their own and both of them think themselves right and effective. Even though the communication is an essential part of a relationship but you should also settle down on a common ground through effectual communication. Try to understand each other. Take a decision after thinking pros and cons of it. If at any point of time both of you feel that the relationship is working fine, then don’t hesitate to seek outside help.    Top
dog & ox
Rooster & Ox
A common goal can make both of them work together. Roosters are aggressive, high flier and gritty while an ox is reliable and steady. An ox has a very good approach towards his/her life and relationship. A rooster may criticize and tease an ox but the ox doesn’t bother. Don’t forget to keep the fire burning in you. Be passionate and intimate in the relationship. Otherwise the relationship may not work.  Top
dog & dragon
Rooster & Dragon
Mutual respect is the key of this relationship. The rooster should not pinch his/her partner for little and trifling things and in return the Dragon should soften his/her ego. Both of them believe in achievements and reverence. Both of you have everything to make a long lasting relationship. Concentrate on the positive persona of your partner, and don’t give much importance to the weaknesses of your partner.  Top
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