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Chinese Zodiac: Horse

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Popular and attractive to the opposite sex, you are often ostentatious and impatient. You need people. Marry a Tiger or a Dog early, but never a Rat

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Check love compatibility of Chinese Zodiac With Horse

dog & dog
Horse & Dog
The smart and ardent couple is very practical with their approach. They are keen to make a nice and pleasing relationship. The steadfast and reliable horse likes to settle down with accommodating and patient dog. You are the soul mates. Trust your partner and believe in your relationship.   Top
dog & horse
Horse & Horse
Lively couple creates a positive energy around them. Loving and affectionate couple is successful and independent. Both of them want to be triumphant in life. They are not jealous and they know how to move away from a place to maintain the peace in the relationship. Try to stay together always. Don’t forget to give some space to each other.  Top
dog & monkey
Horse & Monkey
Mutual respect and appreciation are always there in the relationship. A common goal is achieved very quickly and promptly if the witted horse and intellectual monkey are together. They have an innate capability to manage critical issues smartly. They both are selfish to some extent. The relationship will face a lot of troubles but everything will be alright at the end of the day. Communicate properly and you can resolve your dissimilarities.   Top
dog & sheep
Horse & Sheep
The soft-spoken sheep is contented with witted horse. The sheep follows the horse and horse is very pleased with that. They are compatible and can complement each other nicely. Wit and humor of the couple helps to solve their problems in relationship. If any major issue comes up then the horse gets annoyed and irritated with the sheep but a polite apology can easily solve the problem.   Top
dog & tiger
Horse & Tiger
The dynamic couple understands how to maintain a good chemistry between each other. This loving and charming couple fascinates each other in the relationship. They captivate others in parties and get together as well. Bold and aggressive tiger along with ingenious horse have the capability to win the world if they can stay together. Fervent, lively and gregarious couple is blessed with love and affection.   Top
dog & pig
Horse & Pig
The sluggish pig’s attitude irritates the agile horse. If the pig is financially powerful then the horse enjoys the journey with pig. But the path will not be soothing. Communal friends, independent hobbies and interests can help the couple to uphold the long term association. This may work only if you try earnestly.   Top
dog & rat
Horse & Rat
The home sick rat wants his/her partner to share responsibilities but the sovereign horse loves freedom and if the horse doesn’t like his/her home life he/she will not be involved in it ever. The skeptical rat doesn’t like his/her partner’s approach. Things will not fall into place as long as both of you don’t practice a bit of patience. Both of you have to learn to compromise a lot if you want to be with your partner. You can also seek outside help at any point of time. Top
dog & rabbit
Horse & Rabbit
As long as the horse can control his/her emotion everything will be alright. But if the horse is unhappy regarding something then the rosy feeling of the relationship goes missing. The rabbit is also not very good at controlling his/her emotion. It is very difficult for the rabbit to accept his/her partner’s up and down nature with patience. The rabbit has to learn not to take horse’s effusion personally. Plan to keep your emotion under control. Put in some extra efforts and the relationship will work out fine.  Top
dog & snake
Horse & Snake
The chemistry between them is very poor. The cool and calm snake is not a good match for the edgy horse. The lack of discipline of a horse doesn’t impress a snake. The horse is a bit showy while the snake likes to be contented in a homely atmosphere. The snake is an introvert whereas the horse is an extrovert. Commitment and communication are must. If you want a long term relationship then it’s better to take professional help.  Top
dog & rooster
Horse & Rooster
Both of them want to be in charge always. Even though the horse doesn’t like to be criticized but his/her partner is always serious and critical. The horse always tries to run with a brisk pace and it is rabbit’s responsibility to catch his/her partner. Don’t keep grudges. Live life happily and learn how to compromise to make a long term commitment.   Top
dog & ox
Horse & Ox
They are poles apart with their traits. Obstinate and conventional ox is not a good match with spirited and unconventional horse. The only personality trait that matches is their stubbornness. That can lead to a severe conflict and problem. It is very important to work on the existing difference if you are keen to maintain the charm of your relationship. It is a problem for both of you to accept the contemporary changes in life and work place though. The foremost thing is to understand each other and move with the flow of life.   Top
dog & dragon
Horse & Dragon
The vibrant horse and strong Dragon can get along with each other appropriately. Dragon’s power and horse’s speed are a deadly combination for getting success in business affairs. Their positive approach to life always helps to solve differences. The audacious couple likes to visit fascinating and striking destinations. At times both of them want to dominate each other, and then communication becomes very important. You both are a lucky couple. Small and trivial thing should not be an issue. It is important to solve small issues very hastily.  Top
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