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Chinese Zodiac: Ox

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Bright, patient and inspiring to others, you can be happy by yourself, yet make an outstanding parent. Marry a Snake or a Rooster. The Sheep

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Check love compatibility of Chinese Zodiac With Ox

dog & dog
Ox & Dog
Two sides can get along if both of them put some effort to make the relationship successful. The naive and youthful dog may find an ox interfering in his/her affairs, at the same time an Ox may find a dog too much affable and outgoing. There is no tough and unreachable objective if they both work together with their collective energies. Think about each other and work in co-ordination to accomplish something. Adjustment is one of the most important aspects of this relationship.   Top
dog & horse
Ox & Horse
An ox and a horse make a lovely couple. An ox is not a rebellious individual. Ox follows rules while a horse is spirited and knows how to go ahead with his/her work. The ox takes the typical and elongated route to achieve its goals but horse is smarter and he/she searches for a shortcut. No one can bear the harsh words thrown to him/her and if it happens communication between them breaks down. The best way to be happy and blissful is to communicate and control your tongue. Otherwise if the relationship is not working well you should quickly take a professional help.  Top
dog & monkey
Ox & Monkey
A witty and sociable monkey is definitely not a good match with a mulish and slothful ox. A monkey is too fast and witty for an ox. The best way to be happy in this relationship is to accept each other’s personal traits and if you try to change the intrinsic characters of each other then it will be a severe problem for you. Don’t think twice before taking a professional help.   Top
dog & sheep
Ox & Sheep
An ox and a sheep are poles apart with their behavior and thinking. The sheep likes to live life lavishly and liberally while an ox is straightforward and prudent. Don’t run after money always, if you do that you will not be able to enjoy the relationship. Communicate between yourselves about financial terms and stability.  Top
dog & tiger
Ox & Tiger
Both of them get really angry on trivial matters. When a tiger is angry he/she looses control and he/she is unable to control his/her emotion as well. On the other hand an Ox has a better control on his/her emotion. An ox can control his/her anger till the last moment. The slow approach of an ox irritates his/her partner a lot. Learn to compromise and realize each other’s feelings. If needed don’t hesitate to seek outside help.    Top
dog & pig
Ox & Pig
No doubt an ox and a pig make a compatible pair together but they are not at all romantic. Pigs like to spend good time with his/her friend. On the other hand an ox is autocratic and wants to show his/her power. It seems that a pig is not that serious and earnest but both of them make a lively couple. There is no dearth of love in their relationship. Just don’t let the love and endurance vanish away from the relationship.  Top
dog & rat
Ox & Rat
Rat and ox make a nice pair. It is quite easy for them to adjust with each other. Although both of their traits are different but still the family they make is blissful always. Rats are always earnest workers while an ox is very caring and steady in a relationship and in working environment. Affectionate lovers understand each other nicely. They like to express their feelings and love to each other. An ox doesn’t take the reserved and intense nature of a rat personally.  Top
dog & rabbit
Ox & Rabbit
The couple is not passionate in their relationship. A rabbit is introvert and aloof while an ox is emotionally controlled. Ox doesn’t believe in friendship and family bonding like a rabbit. Be prepared for a tough roller coaster ride. You need to put in a lot of effort to nurture the relationship.  Top
dog & snake
Ox & Snake
The snake likes the resilience and courage of an ox. A snake can very easily depend on his partner. An ox doesn’t like to take risk and also prevents a snake to take risks. They make a really nice and honorable relationship. Snake believes an ox and respects his/her logical ability and resoluteness. A snake always likes to work hard with an Ox and please him/her. Both of them can learn a lot if they can be together for long time but it is important to practice tolerance. Don’t get irritated on simple and trivial problems. Top
dog & rooster
Ox & Rooster
A common goal can make both of them work together. Roosters are aggressive, high flier and gritty while an ox is reliable and steady. An ox has a very good approach towards his/her life and relationship. A rooster may criticize and tease an ox but the ox doesn’t bother. Don’t forget to keep the fire burning in you. Be passionate and intimate in the relationship. Otherwise the relationship may not work.    Top
dog & ox
Ox & Ox
Two oxen make a pretty couple. As family grows, romance takes the back sit. It is very important to communicate properly. If the emotions are kept under control then they can make a lovely pair. Don’t forget to have fun together. Work should not be an obstacle for you ever. Exercise regularly to keep yourselves fit and fine.    Top
dog & dragon
Ox & Dragon
Even though the couple doesn’t look nice together but they are a good match. They both strive for power. An ox is obstinate and sluggish while a dragon is assertive and swift. They believe in give and take policies. Space between both of them is very important. Otherwise both of them will feel like they are confined in a room. Always try to communicate with each other and solve the problem to keep the relationship agreeable.  Top
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