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Easter Celebrations in Belgium

Easter officially falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon since the beginning of astronomical spring. Easter Monday is a public holiday in Belgium. Since this is always a Sunday, many people in Belgium traditionally celebrate the holiday by celebrating Easter brunch with the whole family.

Easter Celebration in Belgium

Easter celebrations in Belgium

Apart from regular Easter celebration of visiting church masses, having lavish family meals, and frolic, Belgium also takes pride in the Easter parade held at the city of Cavalcade de Herve in Wallonia. The event alone attracts over 50,000 visitors on the day. Cavalcade de Herve is also famous for its cheese.

Another major Easter activity for Belgians is to visit the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken. The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken are premium, for they are open to the public for just three weeks every year, which includes Easter Monday as well.

Belgians too, like the people of France, believe that church bells develop wings and fly to the Vatican to be blessed, and brings back eggs and chocolate when they return. However, the time of disappearance varies between the Walloon people and the Flemish. In Wallonia, it is believed that the bells fly to Rome on Thursday, while the Flemish believes that they leave the night before Easter. They agree however, on the day of returning, which is Easter.

Belgian Easter celebration

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