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Easter Celebrations in Ireland

Easter has always been an important annual event for Irish people, religious or not. This simplest Irish Easter tradition can be seen at any time of the year. The custom of crucifixing homemade bread continues throughout Ireland. Easter in Ireland is always a joyful occasion, and like most things, it has its own traditions and customs to celebrate it, from the very practical to the most unusual. special power.

Easter Celebrations in Ireland

Easter celebrations in Ireland

Easter Celebration in Ireland

Some customs are similar to England, like egg rolling races, where kids roll down their hard boiled eggs on a slope, only that here entire families get ready before dawn and climb up to hill tops, from where they do this race, and is generally participated by everyone. Enjoying the sunrise is an added boon.

Citizens also take this moment to discard the old and welcome the new. They perform haircuts, nail trips etc, and also clean up their houses, cleaning all dirt, dust and throwing away all useless household belongings. The houses are then blessed by a local priest. This tradition dates back to hundreds of years. New clothes are worn for the Easter mass, which is a very important event of the Easter celebration.

Sackville Street, Dublin in the aftermath of the 1916 Easter Rising

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