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Easter Celebrations in Finland

Easter is the most important annual event for Finnish Orthodox Christians. Easter in Finland is a big holiday, but not necessarily as religious as it used to be. Easter in Finland marks the end of the dark, cold winter and the long-awaited spring. Learn about Finland Easter celebration, traditions and more information about Easter in Finland.

Easter Celebration in Finland

Easter celebrations in Finland

The celebration of Easter in Finland is low key, and does not match the fervour of Christmas, or of Easter celebration of other countries of Europe.

Like in Sweden, here too, children dress up as ghosts and witches, using oversized, old, shirts and robes, some scary face painting with freckles and rosy cheeks, crepe paper and feather decorated birch twigs. This tradition has it roots in the belief that witches and evil spirits have a field day on the Saturday before Easter, roaming around the city. Traditional bonfires are also held.

Mämmi, or Memma is the traditional Finnish dish, prepared at this time. It is a wonderful cocktail of powdered malted rye seasoned with dark molasses, rye flour, dried powdered Seville orange zest, salt as per taste and water as per need. It is a very old dish, traceable as far back as the 16th century. However, some scholars are of the belief that it originated from the Persian Empire or from medieval Germany. We are of the opinion that it tastes great!

Easter in Finland

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