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Easter Traditions and Celebrations in The UK

Easter is one of the most important Christian festivals in England. In the UK, Easter falls at a different time each year. In the northern hemisphere, it is observed on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of spring. The holiday's various origins have led to some interesting traditions in UK, such as British people devouring chocolate in the form of eggs.

Easter Celebrations in United Kingdom or Great Britain

Easter celebrations in United Kingdam or UK

The mood is of fun frolic. Chocolate Easter eggs dominate every platter, along with egg treasure hunts in the outdoors ( patios, gardens or parks) and egg rolling races, where kids roll down their hard boiled eggs on a slope, and whoever’s egg touches the bottom first, is the winner. Adults in the North Eastern side of England play egg jarping, a game where two hard boiled eggs are tapped against one another. Whoever’s egg survives the impact, wins.

The simmel cake also dominates the cuisines of the Britons. It is a mild fruit cake, but is decorated carefully with eleven or twelve marzipan balls, which represents the twelve apostles, except Judas, for obvious reasons.

St George slaying Bold Slasher at the Heptonstall Pace Egg Play

Hot-cross buns are also popular on Good Friday. These are sweet fruit buns with crosses on top. Some people still make these with yeast, but shops now sell dozens in the week before Easter.

Performing the Morris Dance takes the limelight in the UK villages, and turns out to be really spectacular, as it requires complex choreography and immaculate dressing in white suits, sticks and belts. It is done to celebrate the end of winter and advent of Spring and new life.

The Royal Maundy is a tradition still followed religiously where the Queen, or a royal office representing the British monarch, hands out token money to the elderly, who have been in good service to the society, honouring their contribution. You can find out more about Maundy money and Royal Mundy at It is carried out on the Thursday before Good Friday.

The custom of giving gifts is very common in the Easter period in the UK. Gift range may vary from anything between money, clothes, chocolate or go on holidays together. Some people make Easter bonnets or baskets, which have things like daffodils in them or have mini eggs. Children sometimes go to a local community centre to enter an Easter bonnet competition to see whose bonnet is the best and the winner gets an Easter egg. You can check out our Easter gifts section here, where Easter gifts can be personalized for the receiver. The Easter bunny is very much a part of the Easter tradition in England. The shops are filled with thousands which people buy to give to each other. The Easter bunny 'hides' the eggs in the houses and children on Easter Sunday search to find these treats.

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